6 strains of fun


ok pal thanks this I will try, all the best for you upcoming harvest hope it turns out to be a good 1


Yes I usually drill 7-10 days before harvest. Then ice bath followed by 48 hrs of dark before chopping down.


I’m starting to get a little nervous about this big ice and snow storm coming some people just now got their power back on i can’t go 4 days with no power that will kill everything. Are you in the path of this storm to


Yes my ladies are in veg state so could be bad deal for the both of us. Especially if it’s as heavy as the last go round. I’m bringing home some led lanterns from work might just have to put one in if power goes out just so the see the light and don’t hermie or start flowering.


Im trying to come up with a contingency plan for this and still be able to watch those cheifs play


Yea I hear that. Man this game has me nervous to say the least. I’ll be over medicated Sunday for sure.


snow storm wow I’m guessing this is the USA this be happening we had it so mild this winter so far in the UK


Over 10” last weekend with a chance of ice then another 4-10” depending on who you listen to weather wise. We’ve had a couple of really mild winters last couple years this year has definitely came in like a :lion: lion as they say.


would like to state it darkness being interrupted with light that cause plants to hermie not to much dark


The state of darkness is basically tricking the plant to think that winter is here and to reproduce. That’s why trichs change during this process. As long as it not overly long I’ve had mine in a closet and opened few times a day looking at it with lights on but only short periods. I’m not sure if longer periods could lead to hermies.


wow gosh the weather patterns have been so out of sink we had server heat waves this summer couldn’t complain


It was 55* the same week it dumped 10” of snow. Yes the weather pattern is out of whack for sure. Seems no spring or fall weather just but a$$ hot or freezing a$$ cold. Unless it’s December then we get fall weather before a :snowman: snow. :joy:


Yes im in the middle of the U.S. the Kansas city area


Wow those buds are beautiful :drooling_face::wink:



Nice are those sativa


the 3 just making into picture are green crack stativa amnisa x2 i also got a king kong indica and pot of gold in there


boom out of the gate no delay waiting to train in the net and the tent is filled up and supported. FYI I use the 42" versions of the tomato hoops.


O.k. finally chopped the sugar black rose down and man i just want to eat it smells so good like grandma’s marshmallow fruit salad im getting ready to try the scissor hash. Here’s the pictures i promised


Next plant to go is the Jack herer