6 Plant California Organic Outdoor Legal Grow - 5 thirty gallon fabric bags, one 1/2 wine barrel


30’s a lot of soil to lug, 50’s more fun, I’m sure you’ll get help, will help with heat too…


I’m not moving anything over 15 pounds. I’m grateful for my helper


Gold Leaf finishing up…Chronic Widow curing and drying…


If you harvested 15 pounds you would.


I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it just that I physically can’t move it. I plan on 50 gallon smart pots next outdoor season… Probably go with ilgm fem og kush.

The trimming part would be hard too


Gold Leaf here…

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

The smell of the Gold Leaf keeps getting better…


I slept in this morning, waiting till tomorrow to harvest this Gold Leaf Lady…she gets one more day


I’m just joshin making a joke about incentive and human nature. Sorry the joke was a little dry lol


No worries bruda I love jokes. 50 gallon here I come


I ordered some Northern Lights Auto ILGM seeds today for next year, to go along with Trainwreck, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, California Dream, and a yet to be determined strain. Going to go for 2 crops of autoflower plants while photoperiods grow.


We’re going to need a deal on some soil.


I really like this one, Edna’s Best Organic

I just ordered 4 tan 65 gallon grow bags and one :100: gallon for next year. Not sure I will use :100: gallon for Mary Jane, I just might though…

Going to start earlier in year too, started a little late this year.

Going to use the 30 gallon ones I have for autoflowers and tomatoes :tomato:


Busy morning…


Gonna be a busy week


You gonna love the big pots…
I am growing in 50 gal pots in greeenhouse this winter and 100 gal next outdoor season…
Anyway , Happy harvest :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Thank you, and harvest cheers all around. I’m thinking of putting trainwreck in 100 gallon container in Spring, maybe scrog it, just to see what it does.

I had to get more glass jars, harvested some more today, need housekeepers to come Friday, can throw what’s still not dry in paper bags, and open up my bathroom/drying room. Really low humidity lately, great drying weather, Gold Leaf I harvested Sunday drying fast.


@Big123 here is mine…


That’s some gorgeous buds right there @ragnar


Holy cow @Big123 you better make a super big scrog screen
Woohoo that would be amazing to see brother
Love the way you think sir and train wreck is some of my all time fav :+1: I need to order some of those beans up myself
@Ragnar Woohoo to you bud picture perfect looking
Looks like a treat bowl for adults hahha :blush::rofl: