6 Plant California Organic Outdoor Legal Grow - 5 thirty gallon fabric bags, one 1/2 wine barrel

They all look amazing! Great job in spite of mother nature!! :green_heart::seedling:

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Thanks, great genetics from ILGM really helped a lot…


I can see the 30 gallon really paid off. Next year 50 gallon

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30’s a lot of soil to lug, 50’s more fun, I’m sure you’ll get help, will help with heat too…

I’m not moving anything over 15 pounds. I’m grateful for my helper

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Gold Leaf finishing up…Chronic Widow curing and drying…


If you harvested 15 pounds you would.


I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it just that I physically can’t move it. I plan on 50 gallon smart pots next outdoor season… Probably go with ilgm fem og kush.

The trimming part would be hard too

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Gold Leaf here…


The smell of the Gold Leaf keeps getting better…

I slept in this morning, waiting till tomorrow to harvest this Gold Leaf Lady…she gets one more day


I’m just joshin making a joke about incentive and human nature. Sorry the joke was a little dry lol

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No worries bruda I love jokes. 50 gallon here I come

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I ordered some Northern Lights Auto ILGM seeds today for next year, to go along with Trainwreck, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, California Dream, and a yet to be determined strain. Going to go for 2 crops of autoflower plants while photoperiods grow.

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We’re going to need a deal on some soil.

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I really like this one, Edna’s Best Organic

I just ordered 4 tan 65 gallon grow bags and one :100: gallon for next year. Not sure I will use :100: gallon for Mary Jane, I just might though…

Going to start earlier in year too, started a little late this year.

Going to use the 30 gallon ones I have for autoflowers and tomatoes :tomato:


Gonna be a busy week

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You gonna love the big pots…
I am growing in 50 gal pots in greeenhouse this winter and 100 gal next outdoor season…
Anyway , Happy harvest :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Thank you, and harvest cheers all around. I’m thinking of putting trainwreck in 100 gallon container in Spring, maybe scrog it, just to see what it does.

I had to get more glass jars, harvested some more today, need housekeepers to come Friday, can throw what’s still not dry in paper bags, and open up my bathroom/drying room. Really low humidity lately, great drying weather, Gold Leaf I harvested Sunday drying fast.


@Big123 here is mine…