6 Males Today :(

Had to throw out 3 out of 5 grandaddy purple and 3 out of 6 people kush today. Breaks my heart. A couple of then were looking really nice too. I though I had femenized seeds, but I guess not??? Total bummer, big waste of time and effort! I never purchase anything but femenized seeds. I got them from my purple pack on here.


Sorry to hear about the males, really sucks.

Good luck with the grow :v:

@Tenga, here’s some male pics

I got a Male pict for ya!male plant

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Lmao too funny! Made me feel a little better lol.

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Thanks, I appreciate it. Good thing I went a little crazy for myself this time. Planted a few extra for reasons such as these.

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Was my intention! Sometimes you just need a laugh!