6 foot tall Nirvana Seeds Amsterdam Blue Mystic Auto Flower


A friend passed on these two seeds from nirvana seeds ams. I sprouted they the end of March not knowing they were auto. I only heard feminized he says he said autos lol. Anyways I topped them after a few weeks. Then topped them again to discover pistils as I was finishing. The plants were running 18x6 so I knew they weren’t flowering from the light change. Anywayzzz I let em roll on 18x6 and they seemed to go back into veg. After a while started to make some pistils again after an insane stretch !! I kept waiting for them to really star to flower and they didn’t. On sept 12 I flipped em to 12x12 and 11 weeks and two days later that’s what I got. Will update weight. I posted these same plants a few months back.


@Junkboy, good looking plant brother :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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That’s a hell of a wait, hopefully fantastic smoke

Thx my friend.