5x5 tent lights

Ok I have a friend he has a 5x5 tent and he wants 2 lights one on each side of a aisle he’s looking at growing 3 plants on each side @dbrn32 any ideas oh he would like to go with qb lights

I have a 5x5 and it was recommended to me by a very knowledgeable grower to go with 3 260 watt QB diy setups. I plan on growing 2 photos and 2 autos at the same time.


What size driver would you use for 3 qd260? I’m using 4 qb132 in each of my tents but my big tent is 3x3

I just looked at his tent man it is so much bigger than mine wouldn’t you be able to do 6 plants in there

I put 2 320xl in my 5x5. But ended up getting a third light and using them in a bigger space for flowering. Currently using my first blurple in tent for veg only. Working out well.
One 320 will veg a 5x5. Two will flower a 5x5


Wow only 2 320’s will flower a 5x5

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The HLG 320 xl Rspec is a pretty bad ass light. Look on the hlg site for more info.
When I got them for my tent I had plans for a bigger space


That is covering nice is that just 2 qb320’s in the tent

Only had one in the tent in that pic. Moved into bigger space. Popped too many seeds so made room for them

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If you know you want a QB just go to HLG’s website and read their recommendations on each light…
You can go for the smallest they recommend or the largest.
For example in a 2x4 they say you can use a 280w to flower but they also say you can use a 320xl (that’s the largest light they recommend) so you can go lower budget or bigger and better.

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I didn’t know they did that I’ll go back and check it out thanks

I don’t see where you can find the recommendations for tent size

Last pic is where 3 320 xl ended up on a light rail

You need to look at HLGs veg and flower recommendations. Some places do list by tent size

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Most of my lights are HLG
I ran across this one today that peeked my interest but I have no experience with it but from what I have read about it I think it may be a good option for that space.

Maybe @dbrn32 can comment on what he might think about it.

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@perry2 don’t know how your missing it…

@Skydiver I’ve bought a spider farm product before, they are okay better than mars hydro’s stuff but still doesn’t compare to my HLG.


I like using the three 260xl kits for full 5x5 a little better, but If it’s going to be a row on each side two of the 320xl kits would work too