5x5 cmh 630 or 2 315


“CUT HERE” :joy:

Just so I’m on the same page, the CMH created additional heat, and the foxtailing?


That’s some serious foxtailing! Is that genetic?


What distance is your CMH from your canopy?


@Drillbit @elheffe702 I don’t believe that is foxtails. That’s just how all the buds on this is growing. I’ll try and take some better pics of the buds

where it looks like tails, is just different shoots coming off branch’s


No, that is foxtailing for sure. Means too much heat in your grow or your light is too close. Let me tag some folks @elheffe702 @garrigan65 @MattyBear @MAXHeadRoom @dbrn32 , isn’t this foxtailing?


I’m about 14" or so above canopy


Looks wild, either way!


What strain is it?


I had to sit down. I’m the one that originally asked if it was lol


There was a couple days when I first got it that temps hit around 90, but have heard under control. 80ish with lights on and about 70 off


White widow auto


they recommend 68-77, nothing above or below.


That’s what I thought, too, stress from too much heat.

She’s still a beast lol



No way I can get that low. I got a 6" inline sucking out and a 4" inline blowing in. Two small fans inside


Yeah, white widow doesn’t normally grow that way. I think your light is too close. They say foxtailing could be a warning of it going hermie.



I’ve got foxtailed buds from the dispensaries before. Smokes the same. The risk of hermaphrodites is sketchy though.


Here’s more info; https://zenpype.com/what-is-cannabis-foxtailing/


Just was able to raise light about two more inches