5x5 cmh 630 or 2 315


Hello im starting another set up! I have a 4x4 6.5ft with 2 600w dimond platnum grow lights for veg. My plan is to get a 5x5 7ft growtent, im looking into getting cmh lights for the new 5x5 tent. I talked to a guy in a hydroponic who suggested to put 1 630 cmh, i have read around and notice people saying to put 2 cmh 315 is better or should i go up to 930. (My goal is to try to get a p a plant going 4 at a time) any suggestions???
Thanks, happy


@Hogmaster @MBgrower @Drillbit


I have a 92x48x 6 foot tent with 2 315 that veg nicely, but i have a 3rd 315 that i add in for flower. For your 5x5 i think 2 315 would be ideal to veg and flower evenly.


@Happygogojuice - Sorry I can’t give you any suggestions , I don’t know nothing about growing indoors and lights but it sounds very interesting and very expensive :money_mouth_face: I would to see some pictures of your setup , if you don’t mind , Growing inside in very intriguing. I have a funny feeling Im going to start growing inside as well as outside, I’d NEVER give up growing outide



No problem! Yeah ill def send a pic when i get it all togeather!
Thanks anyways


Word its going to be a strictly flower tent since i have the other one for vegging so 3 315? Wondering if i should just go with the 9 series then hmm


Go with the two 315w cmh grow lights. You’ll have better light coverage


What brand would you recomend ?


Amazon has a few choices, I went with vivosun 315w cmh


Sweet, you think 2, 3 series is enough for 4 plants flowering?


I use one 315w cmh in my 32"x32" tent. That gives me about 45 watt per square ft. Seems to be doing great


Id recommend either the Phantom 315 or Sunburst 315, been running them awhile now, no problems. I also have a SolisTek 315 The c1 series. 2 should be good enough for 4 plants in flower in a 5x5


Have you flowered with your light yet @HornHead? Love to see some pics of the flowers it produces!


I’ll get some in a couple hours when lights come on


sweet! What brand of 315w CMH do you have @HornHead?


What type of bulb do you recomend ik philips are hood just wondering about the price diffrence


Just throwing it out there… I use 600 watt magnetic hps ballist with 4500 Kelvin bulbs in sealed 8 inch xxl hoods with crazy results… :grin:

Just sayin… :wink:

I’m looking into cmh also… just not totally there yet…



Hmm well its said that cmh lights are not the best for flowering but im winging it anyways ill def look into that its just power usage is all im concirned with since i will have 2 tents going


Ya… power bill is a balancing act… especially when you live in the desert and it reaches 125 degrees right now… lol
I usually run 3 of them in flower in one room with 3 separate tables that measure 3 foot x 6 foot … but during the summer I only run 2 tables to keep electricity Bill’s down…
I also only run 2 veg and clone totes… easier to manage… at this time of year… :wink:



@Drillbit now, this girl spent the first half of her life under leds. I just got the cmh in June and it took some playing with to get temperature under control