5x10 qb build for flower

@dbrn32 I was wondering if you could help me out with what would be best for lighting up my 5x10 flower space. I have been looking into running 3 hlg 550 rspecs or making them my self would this be a good route to go or do you recommend a different path?


Hey welcome @Robbie13

@dbrn32 will guide you right for sure. And definitely a wise choice on the QB’s. Good luck and happy growing


Sounds like easy way through. You could probably get a little better coverage and more balanced light intensity going with a handful of 260xl kits or building from scratch with any number of components. May end up a little cheaper that way too.

That would work too. You could still build into 3 fixtures if you wanted as well.

@dbrn32 one more question… with the quantum boards is there a way to daisy chain them?

In what respect? The power cords from drivers?