5th Week of flowering. Do I have to rinse the neem oil off prior to drying?

A question of a fellow grower:
In 5th week of flowering. Had bouts of pm off and on, I used neem oil 4tsp per gallon water, sprayed sparingly, seems to abate pm pretty well, upon pm return, pm is less and less each time I spray neem. Do I have to rinse the neem oil off prior to drying? Is neem oil safe to inhale? Should I have used something else to treat pm? I tried apple cider vinegar, not much luck. I’m worried about smoking my buds with neem oil on them. Been reading bad stuff about smoking neem oil. I tried not to douse leaves and tried to avoid buds, but now I don’t know if I’ve ruined my buds. What should I do?

I heard it’s safe, just makes bud taste harsh

You’re using neem oil to treat powdery mildew?

Next time, try a hydrogen peroxide & water solution, or even mycorrizae & h20 (the good guys get the bad guys).


Do the Hydrogen Peroxide wash at harvest. One cup of H2O2 in 5 gallons of water. 5 minute soak, rinse in fresh water. You’ll love what it does for your buds. It won’t wash your trichomes/thc off and they’ll look clean and beautiful. And the crap it leaves behind in the wash water will make you wonder what the hell you’ve been ingesting.

Next year, I plan to try spraying with H2O2 during the grow. Unsure of the concentration yet, but I’ve read up to 1 cup/gallon.


Interesting. That’s over twice the recommended concentration in the Cervantes video. I may bump mine up a little. It’s pretty safe stuff, I pour the 3% stuff in my ears straight from the bottle.

There’s always the disclaimer. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Hi. I’m with you on the H2O2 spray during the grow. In 1 week in went from no mold to spotty bub rot. Can help but think i could have prevented that. Not real bad, but I’m going to treat the rest at harvest. Going to rain here for 2 days. Thankfully LST. Think i should spray if i have a 10-14 days to harvest? Trichomes are still clear. Thank you.

As cheap as H2O2 is, it certainly can’t hurt. I’ll be interested in if it keeps your mold issues in check.

Its gonna rain here for 2 days. Was not prepared yesterday.:sunglasses: