5th week into flower losing the great aroma

First 4 weeks into flower the room smelled great. End of 5th week good aroma turning a bit dank. I understand she will go thru different aroma stages is this one normal or signs of an issue?

Hard to be sure if it’s a problem or just the natural smell from plants. How’s your environment, especially rh levels.

@Bulldognuts. Temps 75-80…rh 50-55. The room the tents in is blacked out 100% so I leave the tent a bit opened up with extra fans going inside and in the room plus window ac when needed.

Looks like your humidity is good. When you said you had a change in smell it was possible that you were having possible mold or bud rot. But with 50-55% that shouldn’t be a problem. Obviously check your buds closely to make sure something isn’t going on. :+1:

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So far not seeing any mold or bud rot. Checking every day. Keeping max airflow using fans. Waiting on overdue exhaust fan to ship ugh lol. Hope she’s just going through a transition period on the aroma. Thanks!

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