5th week flowering and pistols are brown

High everyone,

Quick question here… My ladies are 5 weeks into flowering and the pistols are brown, seeing that i still have a couple more weeks left…is this normal or i lost it somewhere.


Looks pretty good to me…Not yet ready for harvest (Trichs still look milky/clear…It all depends on what kind of high your looking for?) Looks good!!

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Thanks @AL_GREEN :fist_right::fist_left::pray:

Looks goodnusually pistil shoot out white 2 or 3 times per grow so they white then brown then more white then brown sometime more white again then brown. Pistils pop 2 to 3 times per grow looks good so far .still a ways to go be patient.

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From the pics looks like your buds will fatten up quite a bit yet as those pistils keep coming.


Thanks @Mark0427 thats encouraging since this is my first outdoor grow… :fist_right::fist_left::100::pray:

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