5th Grow of big bud and purple haze

On my 5th grow I always had a green thumb so far had good luck in my outcome. Im presently in second week of flower on my Big Bud and Purple Haze. And can clearly see its all going to be seeds. Im confused have excellant inside grow room, quality feminized seeds from ILTGM, lighting and nutrients top shelf. And most importantly just creeping into spring in Iowa. No possible way my girl’s got pollinated! What is causing this?

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No other way, has to have been pollinated by a male or hermy. Maybe they told you they got pregnant off the toilet seat but their known to lie about things like this. Could be pollen in your room from previous grows?

I would say that you MUST have "ditch weed’ growing near by or a fellow grower in the
neighborhood but Iowa is coming off a long a snowy winter. It HAD to have come from a
hermie of the plant or past pollen contaminating your grow area/

Thankyou! Have a excellent weekend everyone!