5th grow cuttings

So I cut all my buds from the stems completely to get the best wet weight accurately. This plant ended up being 3.4 ounces and would have gave it another few wells but light fell and messed up half my plant cloned what I could and now babying my last plant for the 5th grow.


Is that weight wet or dry

Hope you didn’t damage your light. I have often thought of that when I double tie wrap my hangers. Good luck finishing up.

That’s wet. But with mostly all stems taken and and everything so it should dry out pretty nice. I have my other one and that one has triple the amount of buds! I’m super glad the light didn’t fall on that one. But def will do the triple loop ties now for sure on my lights.

What kinda light you using??

I have a 500w led full spectrum light it damaged about half my crop of the one plant but the rest is looking amazing 80% I would say are amber color pistils should at least get about 4 oz!! Drying starts Sunday!