51 days into flower (Wedding Crasher)

Been a while since I checked in!
1st grow
I have some Wedding Crasher strain plants 51 days into flower.
Feeding Jacks 321 with flower fuel
Pro mix HP soil
4x4 tent
HLG 600r spec. Just cranked to 100% yesterday

Starting to plan for harvest. This being my first grow I’m still learning on what to look for as I go. Im thinking I have 2-4 weeks left before I chop them down. The hairs are just now all starting to turn orange. Growing and Smelling stronger everyday.

Any tips and advice on how to finish correctly is greatly appreciated! I’m definitely still a rookie and pretty much winging it as I go :sweat_smile:

Pictures were taken just before this post


Have you checked trichomes yet? They look pretty good though, If you could get a pic of the trichs though :+1:t3:

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This is the time for patience. The book says you have a week or so. You need to watch your trichomes. Mostly cloudy is good. If you plan to flush your plants now’s a good time to start.

Looking good.

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That’s awesome love the frost, as mentioned time to start looking at the trichomes with magnification.


Thanks everyone! I have started looking at the trichomes, they’re still looking pretty clear

@oldmarine im using Jacks 321 are u aware of any differences in flushing with this line of nutes?

@Eagles009 @Hellraiser @Nicky


I don’t see any noticeable difference. But you can "flush’ the last two weeks (not feed) just so you don’t have to mix the nutes…lol


I can’t help you with flushing. I only use Happy Frog, Alaska fish emulsion and Block Kow. I usually feed every month and forego feeding in the last weeks. I don’t flush per se.

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Best flushing statement ever.

Flushing will give you yellow leafs, negatively effect your bag appeal and reduce your yeilds.
It will gain you… Nothing, you can try it but 48 darkness, chopping in the dark or within 2min of lights on as well a good dry and good cure is more important than any flush.

Many just taper down food or only give water but don’t really flush.

Find what works for you


My last 2 weeks i cut back to just under full dose I also use jacks 321 I do NOT flush at all I do not believe in flushing I want my plant as healthy and using up nutes as much as she wants if anything I wont feed if its like 3 or 4 days sense the last feed before being chopped id focuse on making sure you stay on top of thricomb color if anything they only thing I do in my last couple week is drop night time temps by 10 to 15 degrees just to get some nice fall colors if that strain dosnt have it in her to begin with

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I’ve just heard a lot about leaving a bad taste of u don’t flush. So is this not completely true?

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Absolutely not true ive ran grows and flushed one plant and haven’t the other plant and impo I feel the plant that didn’t get flushed has better terpenes in the end of my dry and cure buds also seem a bit denser as well imo


Correct, not completely true.

Just over a year ago there was actually a trial done by a cannabis company, note that someone with a PhD led the trial and it was on a larger scale then any hobby growers ever going to do.

SUMMARY, don’t flush taste test says so.

@The1stTimer well your right because here is the proof lol


Lmao yes I’ve read this a time or 2 after my own personal experiences haha but definitely agree about not flushing but in the end it comes down to preference my pops is a old head and been growing over 30 years I had him try a GG girl I grew and was blow away by the terps then also told him there was no flush he didn’t believe me lol alot believe in it but then you have some like us that don’t lol

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Thank you! Just the info I needed

Anyone know if adding molasses to the last few feedings would do anything for the terpenes?

I haven’t used molasses or recharge since going to flower. Only been feeding flower fuel and an adjusted Jacks formula

@Eagles009 @Eagles009 @The1stTimer

No idea I’m afraid. Have never used molasses on my plants.

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I brew a tea every other week or so and one of the ingredients is molasses. I’m not feeding my plants, I’m feeding the soil.

This is the man as far as indoor grows goes.

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I’ve started my second grow.

Runtz auto
Gorilla Cookies Auto
Northern Lights auto
Lemon auto

All from seedsman

The gorilla cookies is a week from sprout today but it’s looking kind of strange. Looks like it has 3 leaves coming in and it’s growing really slow. I had to plant a week behind the rest because the first seed didn’t make it due to an error on my part

Will the plant make it or should I count my losses now?

@Eagles009 @Nicky @oldmarine @The1stTimer

The runts can surprise you sometimes. As long as it’s green, I’d keep it.

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