5000 sq ft Grow Facility HELP

I have a 5000 sq ft building that I am converting into a indoor grow facility. I am wanting help on figuring out how I can split this up for the best grow. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

All seperate rooms? (Nursery, Veg, Flower and mother room?) How many sq ft per room?

Can I combine some? All knowledge is appreciated

SIDE NOTE: ceilings are 10 feet tall

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I will tag @latewood as this type of subject just came up in another thread about a week ago.

I’ll also paste what was said in that thread:

We do not support commercial grow ops here at ILGM. We do however have a team of consultants available for live chat and design support etc.
Fees for a consult start at $300.00 us and up to $3500.00 to get started for an ongoing contract. We can provide on site consulting as well if you get that far.


Thank you for paying attention :slight_smile:

I can help you and provide any others necessary to provide all aspects of this type of venture for a fee.

I will give you one free idea.

Nursery, Veg room, flower room. Flower room is at least 1/2 the available space. Veg room 2/3 of other 1/2 of space; Nursery; 1/3 of 1/2 of s[pace.

Happy growing.