50% success - start more or suck it up?

Hi there! I have a question about propagation and seedlings.

I am a medical user who used to successfully grow. When my state went
medical I was overjoyed at the quality and price. My state switched to
legal rec weed a few years back and the quality and price are just not
very good. I’m allowed to grow four plants at a time and that’s all I
have room for. I recently bought seeds and started them using the wet
paper towel method a week ago. Two of the strains are already out of
their shells and reaching towards the light. Two others sprouted tails
but stopped growing right after that. All were germinated in the same

I figure I have three choices and I’m not sure which to go with. I was
hoping for a recommendation.

  1. Wait and see if the two delinquents decide to resume growing. If they
    do, that’s great! Problem solved. But if I wait another week and nothing
    happens I’m worried that if I germinate two more there will be too much
    of a difference in age for them to all grow together (that may be my
    naivete, I’ve always started all of my plants at the same time in the

  2. Start two more seeds right away and hope that they catch up.

  3. Just go with the two that are growing and hope for better next time.
    My concern here is that not only will I only have half as much to
    harvest but I have a bunch of seeds just sitting around not getting any

I know it sounds like a lot of hand-wringing on my part, but I’m a bit
overwhelmed with all of the (questionable) information out there and am
unsure what to do. What do people recommend?

You actually could any of those. If you start some now, catch up. The slackers will catch up too.
I’m guessing with out pictures but this has been my experience. As long as you have enough light you’ll be fine.

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Thanks! I wasn’t sure if I should hope for the two slackers to continue growing of if they were done for. The slackers just have the barest of root showing whereas the overachievers are now several inches from stem to stern, so to speak. They all cracked and started germinating at the same time but the slackers stopped right away.

Most everything I’ve read says that if the roots stop growing that early then that seed/plant is a goner. Then again I’ve read about miraculous recoveries, so I feel a bit caught in the middle right now.

You’re not losing anything by letting them grow and see what happens. Worst case you throw them out anyway.

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The big question is: How much room do you have? It would take a 4x4 grow space and a big light (pricy) to do justice to four plants.

If you are just starting out and haven’t made the necessary investment then you would be better off starting with the two you have.

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For sure! I’m growing them DWC in an area roughly 3x5’ (big bathtub) using two Viparspectra 1500s (https://www.viparspectra.com/products/pro-series-p1500) which claim an equivalent to 400w HPS/MH each. Foil on the walls, etc.

In the past I’ve used MH lights in a similar size setup and had no trouble growing that many plants. This is my first time with these particular lights but they seem to be as bright as (and much cooler than) my previous efforts.

Sounds like I’m not much help. But I do have a question about your growing in a bathtub. Do you use the tub as the reservoir or do you use smaller containers and place them in the tub?

It’s all helpful and I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

In answer to your question I’m using 5gal buckets inside the tub. It’s just a matter of convenience for me. It’s a spare bathroom that IU don’t use anyways. The tub has sliding glass doors so it’s like a self-contained room, and since it’s a bathroom there’s plenty of ventilation available. Filling and dumping the buckets is a breeze: fill from the shower head and dump out right into the tub - saves me lugging around heavy buckets or dragging hoses around.


Welcome to the forum. You will want to make sure that the bathroom is 100% light proof. If it is not you could hermi the plants with the light leaks.


Thanks for the suggestion. Fortunately it is light-tight already. I’m an old-school film photographer and successfully used it as a darkroom for years!

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I ended up starting a couple new seeds in water last night. Like you said: nothing to lose. They dropped and cracked after a couple of hours and I’ve put them in wet paper towels this morning.

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