50 days old and happy

Switched to bloom food and added 3 x100 lumin under lights. I think she is very happy with me.! Plan is to flip lights on 31st.20211028_161423|375x500


At 50 days lld that plant in hydro should be significantly larger.

What are the numbers? Tds? PH?
Temp, humidity. Etc.

I am happy with its size. The node lengths are tiny and thats what I was aiming at.

How big are your roots for 50 days? Can you send us a pic?

The rockwool was placed too high but this is a cpl days ago

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Is this your first grow in the buckets?

Yup did grows outside in 80s/90s, the available of genetics and these hydro set up has me giddy

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That’s fair, I haven’t grown in the buckets myself.
It will take a couple grows to hone your skill.

Keep in mind 78f is ideal temperature, the closer you get to that the better he grow.

Print out a cannabis VPD chart and try to control your humidity best you can here is one.

Where is your exhaust air going? Hopefully outside. Co2 hungry plants really don’t do well re using the air.

Of course good lighting from above is key.
Side lighting not of much use

Are you following your nutrient feed chart using a tds and a PH pen?


Air is carbon filtered and dumped into the basement a few feet away.
I have played kinda by advice from vids and reading. %100 change of water every 7 days, top up with ph tested plain water.
Recently changed from grow to flower food with a mag boost. I keep ph at 6ish (yes, i know) it has worked well as I see. I also have been attempting to keep temp at 75 average. I have heard of purpling and crystals with the lower side of temp rang

Do you check the tds/ppm of your mix?

6 will work but 5.8 may work better.
Have you added silica? Hydro should be using silica

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Nope. And yes, I hear that as advice a lot but I want to play this out and see my results. Will start a new grow (gse - ilgm) asap from harvest and make changes to things as needed.


Well there is your problems.

Yes silica, you know the building blocks of all cells and life…

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You mean carbon