5 young plants. 2 with leaf curl

Third season growing. First time growing Blue Dream Auto. I germinated 7 seeds at the end of April and these 5 girls have been in 5 gallon containers for about 3 weeks. They have really begun to grow fast except one has some leaf curl and just doesn’t look as green as the others. All the conditions are identical. Can someone help me diagnose this and recommend a fix? Thanks!


Did you plant those in the peat pots? Those wont break down in time for the plant to root properly.


Yeah those are a mistake but still fixable IMO but better do it soon

Also they look pretty leggy, When you re-transplant (And you should) bury some of the extra stem


Carefully snip away that pot and replant. Try not to disturb the roots too much.

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I did however the roots were poking through so I decided to stick the whole thing in the larger container.

That won’t cause the stem to rot if it gets planted lower?

That won’t work. You have to get rid of the “peat pots”

They will kill your grow
I’d literally cut them carefully with sharp @ss scissors

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