5 weeks old purple kush leaf tip burnt

5 weeks old fox farms soil happy frog. Purple Kush tips of leaves are burnt. I’m new to this what could be causing this I’m giving them green beams all in one nutrient. There watered at 6.2. Green beams 480 HLG LED temp is 85 humidity is 40. Please and thanks to anyone who can help me.


Have you check your run off ppms your appear to be pushing plants to limit of what they can handle for nutrients and you need to get temperature down and humidity up some

I haven’t yet… I did a runoff 3 weeks ago of 6.2 I’ll bring the humidity up and take the temp down there coming home to my 3x3 ac tent this weekend thanks for the quick response

That is nutrient burn. Totally normal. Long as it’s not bad and your’s look like you are pushing her just fine.

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Thanks @MrPeat I’m gunna hold off on the nutes for a week or so just pH water get some of those leafs out of there alot of bud sights on the inside.

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This is when a runoff snd TDS meter is very handy.

I have one and did runoff last night it was about 6.0 ik that’s a bit low but not by much

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I didn’t get the tds reading just the pH… Rookie mistake Ik… :person_facepalming:

My bad wrong topic this is on my 4x4 tent… When I bring them home I’ll test the runoff they will probably need water anyway… I’ll keep ya posted

Yeah usually you feed when plant ppms are below 1000

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Are you using green beams viper venom

Yes I believe so it game with my light purchase I think they only make the one nutrient. I could be wrong

Viggie vemon

Yes veggie venom

I was just reading about that when i was researching that light last week seems legit along with light

Light is great… the nutrients seem to be solid as well. I had a vivo 2000 and the guys told me to save up for the 480 so I ordered it the next day great investment. They’ve brought both them plants a long way. This is my first time grow

I just finished 3 wwa for my first grow they came out great

tThat was my biggest plant drying right now

Wowsers congrats man…

Thank you man