5 weeks old and waiting for warm weather

the Girls are almost 5 weeks old (34 days) and are looking great…growing very quickly. Waiting patiently for spring weather so I can start hardening off and get outdoors.


Beautiful plants!

What strains?

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The largest is chocolope and there is also blue Dream, Bruce Banger California orange and Bakerstreet.
Growing better than I anticipated and have a few too many I think.
I just dropped seeds for 20:1 CBD and one blue ice. I am thoroughly addicted to this lol

They look great , oh btw , we are all addicted and never too many ! …Now where’s my seeds ?


Do I see Waldo (tomato plants) hiding in the background?

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Hell ya! :grimacing: have some peppers too

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It was my excuse for lights etc lol


Me too! I have too many plants and I’m still considering starting more seeds!

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