5 weeks in flower white widow, are these the beginnings of a hermorphidite?

So I have a 5×5 tent full of 5 white widows in 3 gallon pots. They are in the 5th week of flower.
Last grow I had a hermorphidite which kinda spoiled it as I had seeds aplenty. So I am paranoid :neutral_face:. Do these “pods” I clipped off of 1 plant, do you think they are the beginning of a male flower? Like I said, I’m super paranoid after my last go around. Thanks in advance :relaxed:!


These are all female calyx’s
See the fine pistils(hairs) coming from them.
No worries here. All female.

They do get swollen as they get older but its not a seed or a male flower at all.

This is a male flower…


Thank you so much! The picture is worth a thousand words:-).

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@Spiney_norman that awesome, i really should take some pics when i have the opportunity

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