5 weeks from sprout i was thinking of putting a trellis net in soon any thoughts? Or any advice

What strain: Blue Dream

Vessel: starting in solo cups and transplating to 3 gallon Fabric pots

PH of Water: 6.3

PPM/TDS or EC:NA(will post asap)

Light system: VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light,

Temps; Day: 77F-82F Night: 70F-75F

Humidity, Day:48%-60% Night:50%-40%

Ventilation system; Yes, 4 inches

AC:yes, Humidifier:Yes, De-humidifier: no, Co2: no


Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: The ladies are doing their thing. Look nice and healthy. What soil are they in?


If any leaves are touching the soil, you can take those off. not necessary for net yet.
Autos or photo? Keep an eye on dli.


There in Ocean forest and there photos no leaves touching the soil anymore lol just cleaned them up a few days ago


Those look good me personally I would continue what you have been doing with the lst get a nice big bowl of buds happy growing :v:


You can do the happy dance


How much longer do you think I should veg im in a 2x2x4 and im trying to be mindful of height but as i said im planning on using a trellis eventually

If it’s a photo, I would keep in veg for while. If auto, they do it on their own time

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Imho i would either stake them or use pipe cleaners to LST it

What would be the benefit of switching to those?