5 week old plants how much foliage?

My plants are Northern lights and are 5 weeks old. Can anyone give me an idea on how much foliage these girls should have by now ? I places a stake to sustain them and I’m surprised they out grew it overnight. It seems the veg foliage isn’t keeping up with their height.
Light schedule is 18 on 6 hrs off. Feeding advanced nutrients.
Any help is appreciated.

Got any pics to see what you are talking about


You are not describing a 5 week old plant to me, so pics are definitely necessary.

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@Hogmaster I hope this 2 pics help. Please advise


pictures are needed here. I am guessing from what you said that you are needing to support the plant main with a stake. Seems you are also concerned about (I assume) the lack of foliage.
A lack of light or weak light…

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oh, look, now there are pictures

@Vexer please advise. I have stakes in place , tomorrow I’ll place bamboo stakes instead. It seems there’s more space than veg growth between. Should I begin to top or lollipop now or wait. Feeding advanced nutrients micro, bloom, grow along with bud candy 3 x a week. They’re beginning to smell like weed too. I thought I should have more veg growth ?

@ mindlesscorpse I thought stretching so I changed lighting positions

@MindlessCorpse @Vexer @Hogmaster
Should I put them in hydros or continue in soil? I’d like more veg growth.
Please advise.

I am of no help on Hydro, I have not tried that yet. But I think I would avoid that change for a couple reasons. Soil is a bit more forgiving. Soil gives a slower reaction to any mistakes or accidents. Hydro, if messed up can kill over night. Your plants might not be strong enough to survive the change, (even if that change is possible)
so, my 2 cents… Fix your light issue. Get something to get rid of the bugs. On the topping, I wait until the leaves at the nodes start showing the new stem growth. Not the stem for the leaf, but a whole new stem comes from that “V” point. Then I wait a few nodes after that. I have been starting my toppings at around the 5th to 7th node and removing everything under that
From me, this is just quick advice for you to consider. Most here have way more knowledge than I do, I am still new to this. On my third grow…

First thing I would say for you is LIGHTS
Good Luck,

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@MindlessCorpse Tomorrow I’ll place them back into my grow room with more lighting. I brought 2 in to watch them. I am applying safe all on the plants to kill 45 different insects. I did catch a Catapillar in action. I also placed traps.

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AN Rhino Skin works very well at strengthening your stalks.

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It all seems like a lighting issue to me. Take a pic of your whole setup

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Here are the new branch growths I wait for when topping.

I soaked these seeds on July 4, placed in starter on the 7th, so, 3 1/2 weeks old-ish

White Widow Photo’s

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That plant is stretching. How far away are the lights and what kind of lights are you using?

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@vexer the lights have been 6-8” awawy, wake up check the girls and boom, they stretched up to the lights. Flouresent and full spec led. So I placed them in full sun, The the leaves looked like they were erect. No other way for me to say. Sigh I cannot afford expensive lights. I’m using a full line of advanced nuts.

Also checked their age, also going on 4 weeks. Planted in soil from seed on 6/28

Take a picture of your whole set up with lights included. Honestly though, they just went through a small stretch. Once you hit your 5th node, just top her and that will reduce her stretch while she fills in. Plus you will now have two tops! So you have nothing to be worried about, none of those limbs even exist on my plants anymore haha.

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When you speak of topping , I am to pinch off at the top node correct? First grow here!
As soon as I’m able, I’ll take pic’s. Today is filled with errands in the rain. I removed lower cola leaves yesterday. They looked yellowing to me.
Thanks for your help !!!