5 week old have yellowing bottom leaves

I need some help growmies…i have a 5 week old london pound cake and the bottom 1st leaves and now the 2nd set of leaves are starting to show signs …i lightly brushed against the 1st set of leaves and they fell off …im growing outdoors , i just started this week using the fox farm trio bloom big and only 1 feeding of it …we havd had alot of rain as well any ideas ??? Should i try giving it calmag


Can we see shots of entire plant, and you may need to fill out a support ticket



Strain - London pound cake, bag seed

Method - fox farm happy frog in 12 gallon pots

Ph of water - unknown

Nutrient - fox farm big bloom ( 0-0.5-0.7)
1 table spoon per gallon , 1 feeding so far


Light system - n/a

Temps - day - 83
Night 60’s

Humidity- 63% day
67% night

Ac - n/a

Co2 - no


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I think your problem is that it isnt ready for bloom nutrients yet, its still kinda small. The yellowing leaves are from not enough nitrogen which your nutes dont have. If you are growing outside switch your nutes to a more growth stage nutrient till it shows its sex and then give it your bloom nutes

Oh no the big bloom is not flowering…its the 1st stage the fox farm recommends

I only added the nutes 2 days ago so this is not from that

We have had alit of rain in the last few days so maybe its just got too much water ??

Here is the Fox farm schedule for the trio that im using the big bloom is the 1st of 3 products . So in your opinion with this issue being canceled out what else would you think ?? Could too much rain water be the issue. Right after it rained off and on for 4 days… a few days after I gave it the 1st feeding but at a fraction of the recommended amount and now this

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