5 week auto flowers do they look better? And what’s going on still?

After the last couple weeks of almost loseing these, I think they look a little better?? I used cal mag again on Saturday with no nutrients since last week, today I trimmed a few leaves and topped off soil with worm castings, also gave some ph balanced ro water (6.2)

I used those wool rock blocks because I thought I was going hydro but went to soil instead, is it possible those blocks are causing me issues in the soil? I just can’t seem to get these plants to look healthy? Any help would be appreciated, I started a thread before this but decided to start this one.

Thank you


You have some sort of deficit but they are growing. How often are you watering? What’s your soil makeup?

Watering now about every 2 days useing Organicare truearth soil and Bergman’s nutrients

Try checking out growing weed easy. Look up any deficiency or problems with your plant. Very helpful site.

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Just looked at the site, maybe a copper deficiency. Check your soil ph and make sure it’s range is between 6-7. They’ve got pics as well looks like exactly what you’ve got going on. Apparently copper can get locked out pretty easily.

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Thank you I agree, I will work on it