5 strains in a 4x4

Hey everyone, I’ve been creeping around the forum for a while absorbing information and decided to try my hand at a grow journal. I’ve just started my first grow, my ladies are coming up on 2 weeks old. They are GSC, Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze, Blueberry (autoflower mix pack) and a bag seed called Dark Cherry Cola. All but the later are feminized autoflowers from ILGM. I’ll have to sex the Cherry Cola ASAP as I don’t want to pollinate all my ladies. I plan to run 18/6 light for the duration of the Autoflowers life. I’m not sure if the bag seed is auto or photo, but I figured she would just keep vegging until after my autos flower and are harvested if she is photo. Then I can just switch to 12/12 and send her into flower once the autos are out of the tent.

I decided on a 4x4 indoor tent in my cool basement. I’m using a 6” Air Infinity inline fan with carbon filter exhausting air out of the house. SpiderFarmer SF-4000 LED for lighting on a 18/6 timer.

The plants have been in FFOF since planting. I did originally plant in solo cups and after 1.5 weeks transplanted to their forever home which are 5 gallon fabric pots. I’ll probably skip the solo cups and transplant next round with the autos, but live and learn.

I’ve added no additional nutrients as I’ve read the FFOF is full of it. I do have the FF trio and plan to start using it when the time is right. Maybe week 2 or 3? Until then I am watering with distilled water with a PH of around 6.5.

Humidity has been 55-65% and temps 75-80* F. Trying to keep the temps down with a couple 6” intake fans.

I do have a SCROG net I plan to use when they get a little bigger.

How do my plants look to you guys after almost 2 weeks? I think they look pretty healthy.

And suggestions or tips would be appreciated, I’m open to constructive criticism.


Looks great, welcome!


Welcome to the community ! nice-looking start. Sounds like you got a great plan. I grow photos and autos together no big deal.


Thanks for the kind words.

Also wanted to show this healthy looking root ball from the GSC when I transplanted. Only 8 days above ground. The ILGM GSC Auto seems to be the quickest growing of the bunch so far.


@MikeWazowski2319 ; Welcome to the community. They look nice and healthy

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Welcome, girls are looking good

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Welcome to the community @MikeWazowski2319
Looking grate happy growing :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

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@MikeWazowski2319 that’s pretty amazing root ball that quick . This is also a ILGM Girl Scout cookie Auto extreme.


@kellydans Wow! Hope mine has some juicy nugs like that! :heart_eyes: how old is she in that picture?

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I had two finished about 2 month ago. Both produced a little over 4 oz each dried solid buds. pic.was a couple weeks before Harvest they took 14 weeks. Keep up the good work. you will have buds before you know it.


Little update. 12 days above ground. Planted on 09/01. Probably start nuts at 1/2 strength on 10/01.


Looking nice and healthy

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Starting to get what I THINK is nutrients burn on some of the leaves. Planting seedlings into FFOF I expected some, just making sure that’s what it looks like to you guys? No other nutes have been added to the soil to be clear, just about 40% perlite.

Can anyone confirm this as nutrient burn and set me at ease a bit? Lol


P.S. why do uploaded photos off my phone always turn sideways on here? Solution?


Don’t resize them. Happens to me every time.

They look like calcium deficiency, unless it touched the soil. Then it’s just dying off.


@Covertgrower I do have cal-mag on hand, if that’s something that could be used early on without harm? But there is a chance they may have laid on the soil with the fans blowing too so… :man_shrugging:

Using cal mag early will
Be helpful.

Gave 5mL/gallon cal-mag with watering yesterday and started some LST. Now I know why it’s nicknamed “weed”, sure as hell grows like one :joy:


Question about fox farms feeding schedule. As most say with FFOF there is no need to feed for the first 4 weeks or so. My question is at week 4 should I start AT week 4 on the schedule or week one because it’s the beginning of the nutrients? A bit confused on that. Any help would be great

I grow in FFOF it took me to week 4 and i started with week 5 for nutes at 1/4 strength and worked my way up.

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Also wanted to share this cool picture of the GSC tap root. Knew she was gonna be a monster from the beginning! :+1: