5 pound yield, 4 times a year, advice?


So the next target will be 5 pound in 3 months, how many plants will I need to do, advice with setting up a big room muchly appreciated.


If you can be efficient enough? 5 plants, 16 oz per plant. You would need 6ft tall sativas lol or 10 plants at 8oz each, that’s still asking a lot for indoors, so maybe 20 plants at 4 oz each? Maybe 25 or 30…


I’m guessing more like 50 plants. That’s if you start from clone on a heavy yielding strain and pheno that you know will flower in 9 weeks or less. That would give you about 3 weeks of veg time. Not enough to do a whole lot of training, so more of an sog style of grow.


You can get some strains to finish within sixty days of light flip. If you had a separate veg room and drying/curing space, you could feasibly grow 20 monsters and finish them within 3 months, then turn the space over for the next cycle.

Definitely going to follow along and see what you come up with!


Definatly tag me in where ever you decide to post this. My I ask what kinda lights will you be using because that could make all the difference in yeild and do you plan on splitting the stems there’s alot of variables to include. Will you be feeding them? What kinda grow medium. If you have the means to get them really wide I’m thinking 20 plants minimum with this kinda deadline but would probaby grow 30 just to be safe. If your feeding well and training and stem splitting and supercrop and adiquit lighting 4 oz per plant is feesable


And if you can have 2 rooms a veg and flower room then you can get a crop every 60 to 90 days of big plants because after your startup you could grow fewer bigger plants because you can veg them for the whole time the others are in flower


@McLovin777 8 plants will do the trick but it’s really what you do with training and what lights you are using…keeping things healthy building the best root zone you can for big healthy plants with big buds…check out my thread and you can see what I do…you want 2 rooms veg /flower and keep plants going in different stages and plan it so everytime your flower room is finished you have 8 or however many you choose ready to go… this way you can veg long enough to grow them big enough to yield what you want…you will need to do some heavy training to keep them low and wide if you have height restrictions…


@McLovin777 if you can open up the time window to 4 months, the possibilities get more interesting. 3 months is tight. IMO a SOG setup with a LOT of clones from one mother (two rooms) and a substantial space for a 3 month grow.

With 4 months give or take, using LST and SCROG with photos, I would want space for 8 plants. That’s nominally about 45 square feet.



@Myfriendis410 If you look at my thread I have 8 plants in a 10×12 space I will get 5lbs easily from these plants my harvest time is around 10 to 12 weeks give or take a week…have your next set of plants vegging for the time the others are in flower…do some training…with the right light set up and you keep the environment in check you should have no problem pulling 5lbs from your room @McLovin777 and take clones from ones that go into flower and that will be your third crop and so on…your second crop you will want to start while your first is still in veg so you will be able to grow them big enough to get the yield you want in 3 months…this works


Plan is 2 rooms veg and flower, take clones of plants just before going into flower like you said, I’m thinking 30 in flower 30 in veg, so 3 rows of 10 type deal. Lighting wise. X 2 600w MH for veg and 4 600w hps for flower, maybe go LEC or some serious leds that cover a huge space mixed with a couple hps etc


I’m going to possibly copy your room, 5lb every 4 months would be a great start. How many lights have you Got? Quick rundown of equipment to copy your room would be awesome! Got the phresh 8inch hyper fan stealth at least ")


To start up will take a little longer but then you can get it down to around 3 months… my veg room has 2 T5 lights a small one for starting seedlings and clones then move them to the big T5 then I have 2 600w mh they finish vegging under…flower room I have 4 1000w hps all with 8" air cooled hoods… I use 2 10" inline fans for ventilation and cooling lights for both rooms but you will need to assess your situation for your needs @McLovin777


You’re 8 plants are on 3-4 week veg from clone? Or you’re harvesting 8 plants every 10-12 weeks, but introducing plants more frequently to get a longer veg time?

I agree that there are plenty of strains that will finish in the 8-9 weeks of flowering. And that in a perpetual setup it’s easy to pull large harvests frequently. But I also agree with @Myfriendis410 that it will be difficult to do on 4 weeks or less veg time without a higher plant count.

You’re claiming 5 pounds from 8 plants in as little as 10 weeks. That works out to be about 280 grams per plant on 2 weeks veg time. Even from rooted clone with the heaviest yielding fastest flowering strains, those numbers seem way out of touch. What did I miss?


See it now. Last post made mores sense. How long would you say you’re plants are vegged by the time they make it to flowering area?


You start your second grow while your first grow is vegging and then take clones from first grow going into flower and so on…your vegging 2 grows always just different stages and you can always start another from seed in the mix to have another grow in there…you will always have a grw vegging…control how fast they grow by keeping them in cups longer and then transplant to one gal and keep them in those until next ones go to flower then transplant to big pots and keep repeating the process…having a table in veg room helps utilize space and provides a space for each stage…hope this makes sense @dbrn32 so you really have 3 grows in different stages in veg and 1 in flower always


No wonder why your yield is 5 lbs, 4 1000w hps all with 8” fans, damn bruh!!! Get it son


Pull your clones from your flowering plants about 2 weeks in and you are getting monster cropped clones which are generally more vigorous than veg clones. Sometimes more than seedlings.

@WillyJ what is your journal; I’ll have to look at it. Although 24 square feet is plenty for me. I can’t consume or give away what I grow now.


I got you. The way I and I believe @Myfriendis410 were looking at it, is that if you started plants today you’d be considerably short of the mark in 90 days with 8 plants.

I believe your way works as well. But it would take a little time to get to harvest goals. If he wants to be pulling those kind of harvests in 90 days, the veg time would have to be substituted with plant count, for at least the first harvest or 2.


Like i said the start up veg time is longer then after that you can get the time down to about 3 months I’m doing it…I will tag you over to my thread @dbrn32



I think I missed that originally, as you posted while I was typing. There’s definitely plenty of different ways to get there. If you’re concerned about plant count you figure you can about half it by doubling veg time. If you’re concerned about veg time you can about half that by doubling plant count.

Depending on legalities, space, and abilities, you just find what works best for the individual application.