5 ILGM Varieties, 12 beans per instructions, 100% Germination!

Little ladies after 48 hour soak and 4 days in soil. If your seeds sink after the first 24 hours, don’t wait for tails as they may drown but put in soil. 4 out of this batch were done like this and they are doing fine! Heat mat and LEDs.

Thank you ILGM!


Great job!

Day 13 from dropping in water 5-6” tall getting their first set of leaves. Wire support bras added so they don’t tip over…

Great start!

Try lowering your light a little bit (or elevate your seedlings if that’s easier). Your girls are stretching for the light and by lowering it it should help strengthen the stems. They will do fine once they take off. It’s a bit early, but by the time they get their second set of true leaves you could start a little air movement with fans to help strengthen them as well.

I hope you have lots of room and lots of money for lights. 12 big healthy plants would fill an 8x8 room and even then it would be hard to move around and check each one closely on a regular basis. Any problems like mildew or insect infestation would be impossible to deal with. I know I might be in the minority here, some members claim they fit 9 plants in a 3x3 tent, but a harvest is limited by space and quality of lights. Having too many plants in a limited space has diminishing returns with increasingly more work and cost.

I thought the LEDs might be too harsh on the seedlings, but you’re right they are stretching to the light. Started on 24 hrs a day and changed to 18/6. Will bury them deeper in the next transplant.

Ultimately they are destined for outdoor growing, just getting a jump on the season to get them started inside as we’re still less than 12 hours of sun in California.

Ran a mix of 12 outdoor clones and seedlings last year and it’s a lot of work. The seedlings were bigger and healthier so 100% seedling this year. Strains this year are all ILGM: Afghan, Purple Kush, Cherry Pie, LA Confidential, and Gold Leaf. Thanks for your comments, lights have been lowered.

Glad they are going outdoors.

You have some of my favorite strains there…

Update: two failed to grow past their baby leaves (cotyledons). One Cherry Pie and one LA Confidential. The rest are growing strong

At how many hours of daylight can I put them outside and stay in vegetation mode? We are now 12:42 hours of sunlight here. Giving them 18/6 currently.

Midflower update of the 12 plants started 2/20/2021:

Here is ILGM Purple Kush feminized which is supposed to be short… Supercropped so there are around 20 or more cola like this.

Next is ILGM Gold.Leaf feminized two plants side by side.

Here is ILGM LA Confidential feminized

And finally for now is Afgan feminized.