5 gallon Buckets


How big can my plants potentially get in 5 gallon buckets??
Less soil smaller plants ??


Yes less room smaller plants an indication has the potential to get full grown since they are short an bushy but a sativa depending on strain could get 4,5 foot easy


So 5 gallon buckets are decent for my first grow?


Also I would like to upload some pictures to get your opinion on how things look ?


The key to big plants is learning when to transplant at the right time . So if you transplant from a 1 gallon to a 3 gallon to a 5 gallon , they will get very big , but it’s many variables that come with growing .


I use 5 gallon fabric pots for indoor soil grows and 3 gallon smart pots for indoor Coco grows. The plants fill up a 4ftx4ftx7ft grow tent nicely :slight_smile:


Ive been reading bits and pieces about " Topping ".
Is this basically for indoor grows or outdoor as well??
Do my plants need to be topped ?


It applies to indoor and out door most use it to get 2 top colas instead of 1 and also for keeping it short an out of site from prying eyes


Is it ok to do with teenagers? Or is too late ?


As long as they are not on 12/12 lighting it’s fine anytime


Great thanks.


No problem here to help America free it’s self from cannabis prohibition


They cant be flowering already There is still way too much sun .
Right ?


Pretty flowers hold on I will send a pic of mine from today



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Thats just the camera on my wife’s phone in order for me to get pic’s like that I use a microscope flashlight app lol


My phone looks like this

same plant lol


The app I use looks like this


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