5 for 5 with WW beens



this is my first time growing Auots…All from ILGM…ive got 1 more WW and a Amnesia Haze in solo"s but havent come out to play yet.

and the there is this one …aahhhhhh…a friendly bud and a seed and here is Mary…lol…Mary is going to be 19 days old tomorrow. We arnet sur e if shes is mary or mark yet but stay tuned for that note.

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Mary is also my firt atempt at growing in like 30 somthing years or more…she 's doing real well havent had any proublems with her yet.Im sure shes an photo period but dont know her strain.I started feeding her last week and did a LTS on her 2 days ago…thank god for U-tube.cause thats how all this started again…so THANK YOU U-TUBE…lol

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thanks Shano420

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Love it!!! This is Mary, although Mary might be a dude. Either way Mary is looking hot. (good)

thanks SKORPION…ya Mary (she-he)…lol…'i’m a proud popa …lol but ya shes took off from the start and has been flying…just loving it…plus it looks like i’m 6 for 6 with the WW been’s another is popping…quick question if you would …my seedling’s they say you shouldn’t put them under grow lights right away…i have a WILLS 200w veg and cob grow light to …if i stick them under the veg light that shouldn’t hurt it …will it/

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I drop mine under the lights as soon as I put them in soil. And when I say that I mean right after seeds grow a tail. Dropped one yesterday and two white widows today in fact one had already shed the seed husk and started growing a head in the paper towels. Hadn’t seen that before.

LOL…no shit …ya i wasn’t sure about that iv’e got an SP4000 and didn’t know if it would hurt them.cool

The sp4000 looks like it is a 450 watt light so I would dim it down if you can if not raise it all the way up and adjust height as needed.

I also have a WILLS 2 cob veg and bloom 200w light i got off of Amazon…think it might be bettr in closet for first couple day with just veg light on them

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Yes I do I got 3 setups a seedling box and two tents a veg and a flower. I use the junk Chinese led I bought not knowing any better for seedlings then move them under hlg lights in the tents with each tent moving up on wattage.

cool…im working on getting another tent …i;ve got a 5x5 right now but im looking to get a 3x5 as a second tent…figure the 3x5 will be for weg and 5x5 will be for flower

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Like the way you think, probably because it sounds like me.

lol…great minds

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Don’t know about great but it gets me by like a high mileage used car.

i was just about to get one off Amazon and lloked around for a couple days and found one but by the time i went to by it they were already gone …i have a limited space to grow in so the 3x5 is the biggest that i can fit in my room

Right check out my seedling box inspiration.

Actual build

And I can fold it up and store it until I need it.

i want to convert the closet but 7it would be real hard to vent because of where its located in my room