5 days without water tricks?

Any good advice or simple tricks to help my girls while I’m out for 5 days?? Indoor 5gal pots.
I’m going to soak them pretty good and turn the temp down to 65-70, anything else without setting up a drip system??


Turn fans down or off


lower light intensity, maybe?
Fans down on low, but not off, completely, Hour cycles maybe?


Any chance you can have someone come over to water them? Should be able to get away with only watering once in 5 days. How big are the plants? If small you, might be able to soak them and get away with it for 5 days.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE has a good idea. Slow roll the lighting and they may take up less water. No reason to be shy of lowering intensity, but be careful manipulating the light cycle if they are photos.


I can’t remember who so hopefully they see this and chime in, but I recall reading on here someone needing to be out of town for a similar time frame 5-7ish days. I believe they ended up going with putting the fabric pots onto a tray and partially submerging them in order to bottom feed while they were gone. I know root rot and lack of oxygen were worries along with a couple other things I may be forgetting, but they came out on the other side of the trip good to go and just need a good first watering.


Two liter coke bottle with the bottom cut off, stick it into dirt till it stands on its own, fill with water. Or install a cheap flea bay drip system on a timer. Good Luck.

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A mature plant may be able to handle it. I’m not sure I would try this with any plant as it may cause root problems. You definitely don’t want to do it with a young plant.


I’m new to all this in my first grow. But what about rope wick watering? I have the AC Infinity self watering base and that’s basically all it is. Just an elevated platform to hold water with wicking rope.

If in fabric - elevate the pot and lay an x across the base with ends dropped in water, then place fabric pot on top.

If hard sided - maybe run the line down into your soil. Just a thought.

Like said I’m new to all of this, but it seems like it could work at least for a more mature plant.

Please tell me if I’m wrong!!