5 days old first time grow GSC Auto do they look ok?

First timer I’m working on raising the humidity, don’t know what they should look like. Super excited see the fan leaves but yellow spots on some think heat stress AC went out for a day. Plants are GSC AUTO from Ilgm have spider farm -1000 light 39 inches 70% , I also have a HLG135 rspec on way will that be enough light ? All tips welcome thanks everyone

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30 inches not 39 and the little plant in corner is some lettuce I’ve stared to add to my garden sorry for the confusion

Lower that light about 6". Off to a great start. Those two lights together will flower a 2x4 or 3x3 just fine. Where my spider farmer 2000 sits at 80%. Which is double the 1000 of course.

They look good so far, maybe little nute burn. But wouldn’t worry to much yet.

This kind of stretch will need to be strengthened with a fan, or soil added and light intensity increased to stop it…

I see no nutrient issues. Just the cotyledons doing their jobs. Showing you’re in a mostly innert media. So you will need to begin feed soon. By time they fall off.

As you can see in my pictures my cotyledons still hold on. I removed the singles. Old habits. But maintaining the cotyledons is a good indicator for me in first hydro/coco type environment.
The way I see it. If they hang on and I have no lock outs or burn. That must be a sweet zone

Much better than did mine in their first week!! I noticed you have the cotyledons on one that had the seed/membrane stuck. Mine did, too, as well as another person on here, but I can’t remember who. I had to actually cut the membrane after 3 days. But when they take off, man. Mine was stunted until about 2 weeks ago and has gone from 3” to almost a foot tall. Good luck and happy growing!!!

Edit: I just read the possible nutes burn post. So maybe I’m just talking out of my butt. Still, good luck!

Hey thanks for the tips if drop the light down do I change the intensity or leave it the same. Go up if you see some stretching ? What u thinks all tips welcome,

I would put it at about 24" 80%. If she continues to stretch lower more. But that’s about where I keep my spider farmer for young plants.