5 days old and no leaves

BB photo

Is this normal? It still only has the coloital leaves and no true leaves or regular leaves at all

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I have had a couple do similar things. One grew and one didnt.
Until it dies just keep it going. If your timing is critical you might start another then you can keep the best one.

Yeah timing not that big a deal since it’s indoors, I just want at least one plant to be normal as I have that one and a mutant that’s still in solo after almost a full month

Play it again Sam!

Always hard to tell in pics, but looks a bit dry. Don’t want to soak her, but I’m guessing from lack of condensation in the cup as well that you’re not doming her?

I’d lightly spray the soil, spray inside of dome, and put one on the cup for a bit. Bottom 1/2 of 2L bottles work perfectly.

No telling if she’ll progress but I’d give it a fighting chance.

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Yeah I saw she was dry this morning so just after that pic I did exactly that with dome and all

It just seems weird that she has like nothing starting in the middle as way of leaves

I’ll keep taking care of her and hopefully something will happen soon

Might drop another just in case but if I end up with 3 viable plants (1 auto and 2 photos) I’ll have to rethink my plan

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Of all the plants I have grown Blueberry seems to be the ones that start off weirdly.
Mostly wonky or misshaped leaves. But they have always grown out of it.
I just started one early this week. It seems to be fine which actually surprised me. Lol

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That’s encouraging news. I’ll hope for the best. It just looks so weird and wrong

Even my mutant had leaves albeit weird a$$ leaves