5 days ago I carefully planted 5 sprouts. None of the others have broken ground yet

Customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

5 days ago I carefully planted 5 sprouts. Out of the 5 sprouts, 1 tried to break ground but couldn’t shed it’s husk before it died. None of the others have broken ground yet, even though I’ve kept them watered with purified water. They were all laid on the ground and watered until covered with soil, then kept wet. In 5 days, I saw green on one seedling, only and saw no other green break ground.

This is the way I’ve always grown my seeds and have always had good results in the past. What can I be doing wrong? I usually plant my sprouts when they’re about 1/2" long. Should I wait longer, before I plant them? Should I give them a few more days to come up? I don’t remember it taking this long with my other ones.

I usually just water the seeds 1 time after germinating them and dont after that until they pop, you want to keep it slightly damp, not too wet.


Also, make sure that your soil is not too packed or water logged. Just fluff it up before placing seeds so that the roots can grow easily. That killed a couple of my beans after I re-used a pot & soil for another seed. Good luck😎

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I use wet paper towel method to germinate. Once tap root is 1/4" or longer…I plant in soil in a clear cup, cover the root and the top of the seedling should just be at surface. When the roots look like a spider web, I remove the cup and plant in ground.
If they get too tall…support with pipe cleaners loosely looped around the stem.

Red solo cup with humity dome :+1:, beans sprouted in 3 1/2 days.

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