5 day seedling is she ok


Hi just learning how to post lol i have a 5 day old seedling looks like this is she ok

shes under 600 watt led in a 1.2x1.2x2 grow tent lights 30 cm away


I’m a newbie too, but IMHO the it’s too early for the 600w LED. Lots of people germinating seeds in the forums right now, so you can see what others are doing. Usually a regular high-wattage CFL, or a low wattage LED specifically for seedlings are used until they get a few weeks old.


Also dome her & cover stem to keep from becoming top heavy.


Get a daylight 6500k cfl watts don’t matter at this age of growth put it about 2-3 inches from top of dome if you dome her don’t water the soil u want to mist her and the dome itself till you see the droplets on the dome and leave her be for a day or two then mist again the led is to intense for seedlings


A light breeze, just enough to make her wiggle a little, will help strengthen the stem. You’re off to a good start. Welcome to the forum :+1: :v:


Thankyou all for your replys.ive put a straw round stem to help it stay up also went with the gentle breeze.heres hoping :wink:


@kipp if you want to bring a specific person that has helped you in past put @ and a drop box wile come down and you can tag that person to help if you need it or if you think they can help with someone you are trying to help


Looks fine…small pot. spindly seedling can be supported by pipe cleaner loosely looped around the stem.


@elheffe702 and @Laurap This is a conundrum. I read “dome her” and “a breeze” helps.


I agree out some over and keep humidity high. Cfls are more appropriate