5 AutoFlowers in the 5X5

Was laying here in bed when i realized i put some seeds in dirt today and i should probably be keeping a log somewhere, so why not here.

So far we have 1 NorthernLights X BigBud Ryder and 2 Blueberry cookies sprouted and Added to Dirt Today. I got some more Blueberry cookies germing and should be planting the other 2 tomorrow.

Set up as follows
Everything is AC infinity except the light.
LIght is MedicGrow Smart 8
10gallon FAbric Pots with a large bag of FFOF in each along with Some perlite and a lil frass.

Ill get some pics going tomorrow.


Sounds like a winner. Dont forget those pics so we can tag along.


You got it

Say hello to my little friend.
The Northern Lights is all about it


Got the light as high as it will go and on its lowest setting


Checking these ladies this morning, all 5 pots have popped and are showing movement. Got a little relief i was worried about 1 or 2 of them.

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Anybody think i can make the whole grow without adding nutes since im in 10gal pots?

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Lets see put them in Dirt on April 30, so we are 10 days from dirt. Everything is looking good so far.

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So you can really tell from the pick up top, but there were 2 seeds dropped in the front right pot.
Both ended up popping decent foliage. Just one is tall and the other shorter.

The back left lady is looking runty so im moved the shorter one over to that pot today, and will give em a bit to make sure the transplant went well

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As we are exiting the seedling stage here very shortly, i think its due to start adding light, ive moved from 18/6 to 20/4 today.

Ive also upped the light to 60% intensity. Ill keep an eye on them for a couple days and make sure they are grooving on it. Then ill start to drop the light from max height.

Ive also been watching vpd and i seem to be in range so i feel like a could have added some intensity slightly earlier, but so far so good.

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Day 24
Ill be looking to do some LST, like bending these tops over, lollipoping ect, but idt we are quite there yet

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This morning i bent the middle plant as well as front left and back right plant over to see if we cant get a few more main Colas. The remaining 2 are kinda short and stout so i may not be able to do those, ill keep an eye for opportunities tho.

I also dropped the light a bit more, up to about 24.5k lux, any one have an idea how high i can go?

Im also about to the point where buying jugs of water is about to become to much of a hassle. Im accustomed to running RO water but my current place isnt condusive to an RO system.

Im going to leave some tap water in cans in the tent for a couple of days in an attempt to denature. Praying this works. Could make or break the grow.