5/16/17 ILGM Blueberry & Amnesia Haze Autos started

Also this is an FF Ocean Forest grow, no issues with gnats here so perhaps that problem is localized?


Just consolidating notes on this grow

Check out Blueberry AF, 38 days in flower

Sorry about the crappy lighting! Have her in the AC tonight, still hoping for purple color change but not seeing anything yet


How tall is she now?

Not sure - I need to measure her - at least 36"

GL clone is 3 weeks flowering and taller than BB, she doesn’t stop stretching. Very pretty bright pale yellow flowers also

I’ll try for some pics of her tomorrow.

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Wow! She’s noticeably fatter than 7 days ago!

8/6 blueberry auto 41 days, GL &NL approx 30 days, NL approx 21 days

Some quick tent shots before I say goodbye for a week!

Front row left to right, NL & BB auto
Back row: GL & NL

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No likes but they look awesome :sunglasses:

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Very nice!!

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Very Nicely Done! @Sl1 Have fun!

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Looking really good!

Once I can get a new space built, I plan to try indoor again. I really love the ability to harvest all through the year.

Rock on!..



Blueberry auto 52* days flowering

Removed her ties so i could check her over, she’s really heavy with buds and droopy. One of her smaller branches bent over under the weight of its bud :flushed:

Got a mini microscope that attached to my phone’s camera. Not so great at using it yet but it does make looking at trichromes a lot easier.

I am seeing 10% amber today which is a surprise because Sunday I saw none. Thinking this weekend will be harvest time. I’d like to see how much bigger she gets though!

She has 7 main colas and they are 12-15"

She has 2 others that are 6-8"

Her droopiness actually seemed to help with making room for more light to get to her lower branches, very nice buds on them as well. I trimmed away some fan leaves Sunday to help even more.

Not blue but she does have a gentle lilac great cast to her buds. Smells great, light and fruity, no heavy piney smell like WW and not citrusy like my first GL Grow.

I really hope I get a big harvest!!! This auto was fun to grow and she’s been healthy start to finish.

I’ll be cleaning her up, and getting better pics before harvest, but here she is today!!!

Oh, and some happy clones too

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Very nice @Sl1 look great

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Those buds look so good girl! Great job @Sl1 I see the next crop getting ready, keep it up you’re doing awesome!


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Wow! You aren’t kidding heavy buds. Looks awesome @Sl1

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I was gonna start off with wow and thats as far as I get. Man those are some sweet bud. That’s gonna be a happy harvest @Sl1 You gonna do it this weekend?

My BBA’s are about two weeks behind yours! Can’t wait!


Thanks @bob31

Wasn’t sure if I would but i split the stem on BB tonight and put her in the dark till Friday. Now that I can get decent pics of trichromes, I’m excited to compare pics Friday to ones from last night.

Figures the hottest part of this summer came probably when she needed cooler temperature for color change

A bud got broken off her pulling her out of the tent and so that’s drying and will be a harvest celebration :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gold Leaf and NL right around 5 -51/2 weeks. NL has huge dense nugs already. I think she has 4-5 weeks left, not sure. All my plants got a bit too dry and scorched thier tops a bit when we were away as well as my vent hose getting disconnected so I think there was some heat stress involved too - rambling but, thier pistils fried so hard to tell where they are but still a ways to go. I think this NL strain (seed bank not known but maybe could find out) is a high yielder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Second clone (younger in flower by about 10 -12 days) is funny shaped, did a bad fim job and also took many clones from her - flowering clones in week 1-2 but she’s been stuffed in the back of the tent and her undersides are very pale green/yellow - she’s gonna love having more room now that BB is in a dark tent

Happy days! Running low here (down to 3 1/2 jars from 12 grown legally in 2017. :grin:)


Great update, but sounds like she won’t be lonely for long! I’d love to grab some too but I really don’t have the room. I’ve already got enough growing to last quite awhile though much is going to making my own tincture/ vape juice etc. @Sl1


Thanks @Hogmaster and @ktreez420 and @bob31