5-1 outdoor dr. Banner2 Crystal2 cherry pie1 and 1 lonely auto and then some come see the fun at crazy house hogmaster style


@SmoknGranny how are you this fine evening


@Hogmaster A little sore from shopping and pretty high from smoking :blush: And how are you doing today? Are you all settled in down there? Thanks sweetie for checking on me :hugs:


@SmoknGranny I’m just Medicating before bed


Yep me too :blush: I’m heading there myself in less than 30. After my shopping day and everything is put away and critters fed, I medicate until I no longer care about my pain. Get your rest and have some sweet dreams :hugs:


What about “Move it near the fence so it pollenates your annoying neighbor’s grow”. I don’t see that option to vote on. :smile:


So it has been a bit but here you go this is what’s going on

and the other 20 are in my other area got a awesome light mover Sorry it took so long for the update been a little busy and some of the other girls the big one is 5 foot tall and 10 foot + round looks like A bonsai tree and did quite a little bit of super cropping


Impressive as always :+1: I have trouble keeping up with my little 5, now 3, and enjoy watching others with larger grows.
On a personal note, please know I have your family in my thoughts and prayers :hugs:


Thanks @SmoknGranny I really appreciate that :wink:


You’re very welcome. I’m here for you anytime :hugs: And now I have a better understanding of why you checked on me recently. :heart:


I try to keep a kind heart :heart::relieved:


2 days after transplant under light mover and a 630 lec and got there first feeding full strength Remo


@Zigabara here you go


The girls and

Oops I did it again @Niala @daz49 @SmoknGranny @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @Willd @BIGE @Big123 @bryan @Screwauger @Dieselgrower @peachfuzz


You son of a gun
Now i need to drop more beans lol


Yes yes you do


I have
two train wreck sprouts two cherry pies that need to be transplanted to larger pots and two gsx in a cup of water now going into towel tonight
Woohoo ned to see what else i have to start lll


Myself i like the blue cups…lol


Good morning @garrigan65 how’s it going buddy


Good raining hard here


It’s been off and on for 2 days here