4X8 tent with only 4X4 being used 800watt HPS , 400watt MH

Hello everyone…
I need some advise with my upcoming grow.
I got the lights 2X400 ballasts and my tent now I got 3 plants inside the tent I don’t have the space to set up the whole tent so I am using the one side 4X4 I would like to grow 4 plants with a decent hydroponic systems but all I got so far is 2 25L buckets and 100L reservoir I plan on buying another 2 buckets but before I do so I would like to buy more items I plan on going shopping in 3 weeks for everything so if I could get some help on what else I should buy and questions that could give me answers at the end of things.

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Proper PH and PPM meters I assume you are going to get vented shades for the lights a couple oscillating fans for air circulation and stem strengthening
Have you decided on a nutrient line also are you planning DWC ebb&flow or aeropics all have different pump needs


i am planning on buying a ph and ec meter i wasnt going to get vented shades i came on here to get advise as im not the best at growing but im trying my best so basically i dont have much so i want to go basic DWC drip system 4 bucket 25L 100L reservoir i got 2 400watt ballasts that im going to use in the 4X4 space even though i got a 4X8 tent i just cant use that space at the moment i have to use half the tent as stupid as that sounds eyes was to big when the purchase came

You will also need exhaust fan and maybee carbon filter.(note) they sell exhaust fans with speed controls on them, it’s a good envestment as these fans can be loud.