4x8 harvest using 2 1000w DE HPS

I borrowed the hoods from a friend and they came with bulbs. Not sure how many cycles they’ve been through but I’m sure its a few. One bulb was noticeably dimmer so I replaced it with a new Vivison.


Nice man, congratulations on the successful harvest :+1:

One side I’ll call side A had the used bulb the entire time and a few weeks less veg time produced 664.3g.
Side B with the longer veg and a new Vivison bulb produced 669.3g. Side B may have had up to 10g missing though due to me starting to toss smaller buds into the cooking bin.
I only weighed was I consider good buds.

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Thank you

I should mention side B had the dimmer bulb for about 2 weeks before I replaced it.

I’d tried going it indoor with a unit and had no problems with batch of cherry Pie and Girl Scout cookies. It didn’t yield as much but was still happy and the second batch I switched up and had Girl Scouts and Candy Kush. And all six of the seeds after 7 weeks didn’t produce any buds. Just leaves period. Looked Great but NO buds. Any suggestions would help

I did experience a power outage for 4 days due to Zeta hurricane that came through my city. And they maybe are in shock but I’m not sure if that actually the case.

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