4'x4'x 7-1/2' grow tent custom 740 nm with uvb help

i have a question i am setting up a tent as mentioned 4x4 tent. i would like some input on my setup/design.
i have a hood 26inchesx30 inches cooltube hps digital dimmable 600watt and 6 inch stealth inline 440cfm fan/filter above the light.around the hood i have a custom built led panel 2inches thick rail by 28 inches by 32inches fits nice with one inch around my hood. then i have 4 reptile 2.0 26watt bulbs on corners of the hood as one solid unit.
using ebb and flow scrog. the question is how long should my hps be on 15 hrs and when hps is on what should my uvb timer be set for and when my lights are off how long does my 740nm red led should be on.
oh my temps are 73-79F and using advanced nutes,9 buckets and co2 at 900-1400

I am not sure what you are really asking. I think you are trying to do too much in that small tent. Your temps are great. If you can keep them in that range you are good to go.

I suggest you download, and read our Free Grow Bible. It will answer the standard questions you are asking. :slight_smile: