4'x4' Tent, Round 2, Blue Dream - Girl Scout Cookies Extreme - Sour Diesel

I’m having another grow at this thing, so I thought I’d share in case anybody want’s to follow along and keep me company again.


What medium?

Here’s a link to my last journal in case anybody is interested in checking that out.


I’m going with soil again this time. same medium all around.

Starting in rooter plugs and then moved into small pots with Fox Farms Happy Farm to start.

This time I went straight to 7 gallon fabric pots after that.
In the 7 gallon pots, I filled them 3/4 of the way up with Fox Farm Ocean Forest mix and then added a layer of happy frog. Then I added another layer of FFOF and mixed it in with the FFHF. then used a bit more FFHF while doing the repotting. I also added Mykos and Azos while repotting both times.

Also worth noting, I’m giving Mammoth P a try this time. I haven’t used that before so I’m excited to see how it goes.

I’m only going to finish 3 in the 4’x4’ tent this time as last time it was overcrowded and I had to do a lot of pruning. This time I’m hoping that I can give them each more space and speed the whole process up some as well.

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I’ll follow along and keep you company @Sconi

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Girl Scouts on the left Blue Dream in the middle and Sour Diesel on the right.

All six seeds popped, but one of them(Sour D) broke off very low down on the stem. not sure how this happened but oh well. I was only planning for 3 anyway.

Potted into small pots for a little over a week so they could spread their legs a bit.

Lookin good so far.

Girl Scouts

Blue Dream

Here they are, repotted into their forever homes. SD on left Blue Dream in the middle and GSC on the right.

I’m using the same parts and watering system as last time. It’s put together a bit differently than before, just simpler this time.

A day after putting them in these pots I switched from my 4’4 bulb HOT5 fixture to my CLW SS550 LED Panel, ready to do some serious vegging now. I’ve got it set at R25 B80 W80 I believe. I can confirm those setting next time I’m back in the tent.

Whole tent. CLW SS550 seen at the top.

Sour Diesel

Blue Dream

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Last time around I had a problems with using softened water in the beginning. This time around, tho i started with RO water for the seeds and seedlings, (perhaps slight PH problem as seen in some of the leaf tips as i was repotting into forever homes) now they are getting water straight from the well, not softened and not filtered. It’s ph’d to 6.8 from here on out so hopefully that problem has been solved.

I’ll get back with more as things progress but this is where I’m at at the moment.
Thanks for tuning in!


Switched to watching as well. Best of luck with this one!

So you just tossed the other seedlings?

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Softened water: Deadly! Way too much sodium. Don’t use it to water ANY plants.

RO water: Okay, but make sure you are adding enough Calcium and Magnesium.

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Definitely watching!
I love the water system, very brilliant idee :wave:

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yea, thanks @1BigFella I sorted that stuff out last round and now I’ve finally sorted out a line that direct from the well. before the water goes through the softener. last round I didn’t have that going on so I was brining in water from outside sources to avoid all the sodium and it was a huge pain. hopefully things work out smoother this round.


@Sconi looking forward to this, you are off to a great start I’ll be following along and learning :+1::+1:


I really really like that set up. Very very cool
Did you just poke holes in the tubing like a drip effect?


Thanks. Yea just simple holes drilled into the tubing. It slows down and spreads out the watering. Less human work to get a more even water instead of just pouring it in straight from a liter or gallon bottle. Also no need to bend over for every water.


It’s a good idea :bulb: :+1::+1:

Thing are moving along. Trying not to get in their way mostly.

All the girls

Sour Diesel

Blue Dream

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

SD node detail

BD node detail

GSC node detail

I put up some training lines as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to put those to use soon.

Stay warm everybody.


I love your setup, nice looking girls :two_women_holding_hands:

Hey All,
Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Here’s a big one to catch y’all up.

I put up a “tent cam” so to speak. I’ve seen a lot of people doing that and it seems like a no brainer for me. I can check in on them without needing to be there to physically.

but I can’t switch my light to “view mode” remotely so the pics are purply/pink from the tent cam. Check it out.

I made a GIF to show the growth and tried to upload it but it didn’t work. Ah well. does anybody know of ways to put up videos or gifs on here so we can show progress/cool stuff?

Anyhow, back to the plants. It’s been a while so I’ll pick up where I left off before.

Left, Sour Diesel - Middle, Blue Dream - Right, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

I’m not with them as often as I’d like to my training isn’t as low stress as I would like sometimes.
The Blue Dream really took off compared to the other two. very different phenotype poking through I guess.

I Super Cropped the Blue Dream in a few places to lower it back down more in line with the other two.

SD and GSC just don’t seem to want to grow up. But I’ve been training them under the netting as best I can and they’re coming along nicely.

Sour D

Blue Dream

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Moving on up

More Training and a switch to 12/12

Mostly current state of affairs.

And just for fun since ai can’t get the GIF to work. here’s a series of tent cam picks anyway.



Very nice! I like the camera placement and you have me thinking about adjusting mine… I have my camera in one of the back corners. I like the overhead perspective!

Very nice and clean, beautiful and healthy plants! I love how you handle your grow :+1:
PS Maybe some closer pictures of your watering system :grin:

Yea It’s a good view for some things and not for others. It’s hard to tell how tall those branches are getting when I only have the top view remotely. I was actually thinking about changing it. Ha