4x4 tent qb lighting

Just ordered 2 260W XL QB V2 Rspec kits for my 4x4 tent and I have a question. I have a 6 inch fan and carbon filter the room my tent is in stays around 70 degrees year round. What kind of temps can I expect to have inside my tent with this combination?


Probably 80f or so, As long as intake air remains around 70f.

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Air from in the tent will be exhausted outside the room so room temp should remain the same

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Mount drivers outside of tent

I already plan on it

Only items that will be inside my tent are the carbon filter the lights 4 6inch fans and possible a humidifier being my humidity is only 50% ambient

I mount my fan and ballast out of tent for heat reasons. If I could keep my house temperature around 68 I would be a happy camper. But, the wife on the other hand…not so much. She’s not into growing like I am

I have a 480 watt quantum board, 2x 315 watt cmh and a 480 watts of cobs in an 8x8 tent.

2x6" inline exhaust fans…couple oscilating. I’ve never gone above 86f even when my ambient is 71.
I use no AC.

quantum boards dont get as hot as everyone says they do. The driver is only thing that gets hot. I got a six inch fan blowing onto my driver and my quantum board panel to transfer the heat to the atmosphere which my exaust fans quickly remove. I also run a 6" fan right up against the outside of fixture where the internal ballasts on my CMH fixtures are. It really helps transfer hotspots away to be exhausted.

It’s really manageable man. Mind you my six inch exhausts dont have carbon filters cuz dopes legal here I could care less if the nabors smell it.

That might change your cfm a bit but I doubt you’ll see anything above 84 even under the worst scenarios.
Dont be afraid to mount drivers inside tent if it’s easier…I do and it works for me.
But if heats an issue mount outside. Can always do a dry run. A little bit of extra heat in the tent.should keep your humidity down anyways which may be a bonus depending on your location.
Good luck dude.

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