4x4 tent is vivosun 60ow veg and bloom switch light enough?

Hey all! I have a 4x4 tent and I am using a vivosun 600w led with veg and bloom switches. I have not seen anyone in any of the threads mention vivosun lights bad or good. So my question is this a good enough light for 4 plants in a 4x4 tent? Or should I invest in a different light if so what is recommended? Thanks

I would suggest better lighting for a 4x4. A 600W burple generally only puts out ~150 true watts of quality lighting and is barely enough for 1 plant. It simply won’t flower 4 plants.

Look for something with Samsung LM301 series diodes from HLG, Chilled, Spider Farmer, or others.

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Should it still be 600w?

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I looked it up. It’s a 240 watt light (plenty for one plant,) but the burples have poor spectrum which makes it less than ideal for a single plant.

You can do far better than the light you have. I would return it if you can and buy a good light for cannabis.

Yea it’s been too long to return haha what should I look for in wattage etc. For the amount I want to grow? You seem pretty knowledgeable about lighting thank you for helping.

For 4 plants in a 4x4 I would recommend 2 HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) model 260XL Rspecs. It is 2 lights, but it would give you the flexibility to move lights if you need to such that you can get maximum light penetration on your plants.

If budget is a concern then you might look at comparable Spider Farmer products. They are now using high quality diodes in their better products. That said, you really can’t do better for cannabis than the HLG lights at any price.

The general guideline for wattage is 35 - 50 watts of quality lighting per square foot of canopy.

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Ok great thanks alot I’ll check them out.

Yep off brand qbs lookong at like 50w psf. Hlg synce budget gavita ect looking at 35w psf for good light coverage. I have a 4x7x8 i have a scorpjon diablo and a 260xl with 2x30uva bars in there the scorpion is 650 wmax and the 250 is 240 w max. For seedlings i had to have the scorpion turned all the way down or it burned leaves pretty much stuck with the 260xl for seedlings lol. Light is the number 1 of growing. Not good lightong is gonna hive u not ao good buds. So far tho hlg is the light to strive for. Ive never heard a bad thing about anything hlg even their smallest light gets great reviews

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