4x4 tent I have 2 450w dimmable leds and a 300w led with a 400w mh


Yup u got the jist. As that top goes sideways, the sides go out n up til they reach the net. Id much rather @raustin explains it. I havent had the pleasure of doing so yet. @spyonyou had a BOSS scrog going recently. Maybe he can give flip advice n the like


I was also thinking that using both led and hids would give me the best of both worlds the last time I think I screwed up the dry and cure also they were hermies


Hey @Killadruid maybe I missed something but correct me if I’m wrong, I think you said you were growing in coco, if that’s the case, your PH needs to be 5.5 - 5.8.

Three weeks into veg, is maybe about 3 weeks short of a short veg cycle. Have you done a water to runoff to see what you PH and PPM’s are? Also, if you can move your scrog up to where your screen is at that height it is now after 6 weeks, I would say flip the lights to 12/12. You will fill the screen up easily in three weeks. You just tuck everything outwards. After three weeks, you’ll be surprised at how much it will grow (maybe).
I started tucking a week before I flipped and 4 weeks later my screen filled almost completely. But, my grow also lasted 6 months with one plant and I got little over 9 oz. in a 32” x 32” x 63” tent.
Please understand, not to toot my horn cause I couldn’t have done it without so much help here in ILGM. @MattyBear, @Myfriendis410 are my “go to” coco growers and @dbrn32 s everybodies light expert!! @PurpNGold74 is my daily laugh And is very knowledgeable in the grow! Thanks Purp!! :+1:t2:

Just to give you and idea of how it will stretch, see my journal on October 21st. as I describe the stretching to another grower.


Thank u I’ve started to tuck the tops in I wanted to finish off the nutrient feeding schedule but as I can see today that my screen is going to fill up pretty quickly I’ve done my run off ph and it comes back at like 6.3 I was having a lot of issues with my ph early on it kept running off at like 7.8. I ended up getting myself a ph meter I will take a pic of the screen today


Km waiting for my ppm meter to come in from amazon I didn’t realize I could have bought both in one opps



They look awsome! :+1:t2::+1:t2: :sunglasses:


All taking this morning I just keep trying to have them spread further and further apart I do have another screen I can put on anytime if I need to.


Looking good so far on the SCROG. I would let it run out until all cells have a branch or two before flipping,. You will get some stretch then but keep tucking until it starts to harden off.

That’s a 22" X 36" screen just before flipping.


Thanks for the kind words Mr Spy. I do my best :joy::+1:t5:

@Killadruid ur looking good bud. Just keep em green n that pH in check. Myfriend is almost a growing genius. Heed these fine gentlemen n listen to ur girls. And the fight will be a tko


My tent is 78 inches high so I have some room for stretching


Yup but if ur scrogging u dont need much vertical room nor stretch. Good for future sativa grows tho


K good to know thank you! I appreciate it. How long should I keep tucking for 2 weeks of flowering? Idk if I mentioned this before but I’m using souls synthetics nutrient line with terp tea grow. Then going to use some terp tea bloom during flowering just going to top the pots before I flip to flowering. They have quite a smell already and showing white hairs. Green crack are fem seeds from humbolt seed org. And the bubble gum are bubblegum + pro fem seeds from victory seeds


Sounds like some awesome strains. N u tuck until she gets to hard or stops stretching.

Never heard of those nutes but excoted to see what they do. I like teas n cook my own soil usually. Right now im using alaska fish emulsions n megacrop powderd


It’s part of roots organic the same company anyways. The team r roots terp tea gro and roots terp tea bloom



The bubblegum has really gone to wotwn getting tops up I’m thinking by the end of the week it should be ready to flip to flowering hoeing I can do it on friday but thinking I may have to wait till next weekend


I see that wicked cropping and training. Yup your getting very close. Id probably flip this week. @raustin what u think?


Yep, you’re definitely ready to flip. You should get that net filled once you do.


Just waiting for my hortilux bulb to come in the mail