4x4 tent I have 2 450w dimmable leds and a 300w led with a 400w mh

A question of a fellow grower:
I have a question in a 4x4 tent I have 2 450w dimmable leds and a 300w led with a 400w mh for veg then when I go to flowering I’m putting a 600w hps hortilux bulb. I was just wondering what would be the best method for me to grow scrog, sog, or just top and train. First time in this tent growing. 2nd grow in total last one was in my closet lol. Oh btw the strains r green crack and bubblegum.

What’s the goal of your grow?

In terms of maximizing your light a sog grow is most efficient.

Hi. I recommend joining the site. Loads of super cool experienced growers and just a positive place to be.

Now onto ur lighting… that sounds like a HUGE amount of lighting in a tiny space. Before putting plants in there i recommend doing a test run. Ull need somekind of air conditioning and very good air circulation if that heats up like i think. Check after 12-16 hours for temps n the like.

Hope u join us n get the info u need


Ok thank u I thought so but wanted to know. They r in 7 gal pots with coco.

Also I have the dimmable 450w in mostly blue with some white and red I have them at 24 inches above net and I haven’t had any light issues so far I actually I need the heat because the area is cold.

You could have four autos in that space. But u may not need a 7 gallon for an auto. If u have two photos u should be able to fill the tent. I still say four smaller plants will fill a scrog faster

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I have 4 photos

Welcome to the site man. :clap:t5::clap:t5: N good luck with the grow. How long u plan on vegging?

Well so far I’ve been vegging for 3 weeks started seed germination on the 2nd of November planting on going another 4 weeks I actually could go till the 12 of January if need be but I’m thinking they will fill the screen before then.

Pics? We love photos!

I just had a slight case of nut tip burn unfortanatly but they r recovering well I gave them some water at 6.5 ph to try to counter act the nute burn seems to be working. They started to bounce back in less then 24 hours. The reason I went with the 7 gal pots is so that I can get as big of roots as possible my first time I went with way to small of ones and only got like 7 ounces off 4 plants bag seed and they went the greatest but now with this new upgrade I’ve never had such bushy plants the bubble gum is actually doing the best so far bigger bugs vrs the green crack but the fmgreen crack has a lot more tools reaching the screen first

A tinge of nute burn just means ur feeding them to the max. I wouldnt fret over tips. N yea good ole pH’d water is the remedy. Good call. Those 7 gall pots will grow TREES. How big is ur scrog? Watch iut for crowding. @raustin is the scrog queen round here. She would be super helpful if u have questions there


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So what u guys think?

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They are looking good! I likey. Bushy lil ladies.

Thanks lots of good growth also going to veg for a few more weeks prolly flip to flowering around xmas

You should be good around then. Possibly before. That growth is gonna go nuts! U know how to work ur screen right? N to train ur side branches out n up towards it

I’ve been reading on that and working some of the growths out from the plants more for a more even Bush and I know that your supposed to tuck then under when they start growing up further then others to make an even canopy

Any advice would be appreciated