4x4 tent 4x2 ? Which 1 to get

Ok guys this is my question. Have 27,27,63 in now, going to upgrade to either 4x4 or 4x2. Would want to go with 4x4 but will not have the cash to properly light that space for awhile . Have 3 little autos now jus now 3 weeks check them out in my grow journal. So if I get the 4x4 and because I not feeling all the space up will my plants still get all the light they need even with all that extra room? Of course will hang light directly over plants etc etc ? Or should I go with 4x2 this is first grow next grow would like to do more the 3, having a lot fun with the 3 now more the merry right. Thanks to all



I have 1 plant in a 5x5 right now. I put the light over the plant and it works fine. There’s no reason to try to light the whole tent.

I would suggest the 4x4 since you will be able to expand when you want and not worry about space or buying yet another tent.


Everything he said^^^^^


Id have to agree hes never pointed me in the wrong direction. As long as you stay centered with your plants under your light you should be ok. If you are unsure on lighting make sure to refer to your lighting ppfd map for your light intensity at certain heights

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Yeah I have 2 in a 3x3 and just have them centered too

My light is rated for my space but it seems practical until I’m brave enough to filler up to just center them

I’d definitely go with as big a tent as is practical that way you don’t run out of space and have to get another tent down the road

Plus more elbow room in the tent

Thanks guys, this is my this place is some awesome, pictures worth 1000 words love the desk and chair sitting there inside. That what I thought just wanted to double check thanks again

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King I wouldn’t disagree with anything the other posters have said and they all know much more than I. I got a 4x4 for the same reasons mentioned and only had enough light at the time for about half that space or less. The main advantage to a smaller tent is being able to reach the back if that makes sense. Here is 5 photo plants in a 4x4 at almost 9 weeks since sprouting.

If you had 2 smaller tents with the same floor space you would need twice as many exhaust fans.


Yep ! go with the 4 x4 space you can always add another quality light later along with a couple more plants. Good luck

Only wish I had bought the taller tent.

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Which makes me nervous about my choice but alas it was the biggest I could get

I want to go camping in that forest… well done :clap:

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If I wasn’t so lazy, you could watch my new TV show called “The Weed Borrowers”. It’s about a family of miniature people that live inside my grow tent and are constantly trying to remain hidden from the monstrous giant that keeps clearcutting the forest they live in. I can’t remember why I haven’t actually finished the show yet. Or started it for that matter.


Ha, a much better plot than the original… Was thinking you would have to recast Eddie Albert, depending on your budget :wink: If I had that canopy I’d have plastic army guys duking it out in the jungle…

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Buy the biggest you can afford today and add better lights later. Grow a single plant at a time until you can move up. That is what I did! My wife bought me new lights as a gift today to cover 5x5 veg and 4x4 flower! Now gonna get a 2x2 to seedling and dry with existing stuff. Next comes an 8x4…

Thanks so much for everyone tips, any suggestions in what brand to get or stay away from. Going 4x4 was looking at a viparspec 48x48x80 it’s 100 more $ I save I tent I can put towards everything else. Thanks again

My 1st is a vivosun 48x48x80 - $116. Really thicker than I thought it would be. Easy to put together by myself. No holes or tears. I’ve since looked at more expensive brands and am very pleased with my purchase. It is working well.

Mine is AC Infinity and very well built and sturdy
There was 1 pin hole on mine at where a sewn part ended but so minor when the rest of the tent is taken into consideration

There’s a code for a discount but I don’t remember what it is
I’m sure someone here knows

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tent or closet? which is best? curious

Hey so I’m a newbie on first grow, thought about using my closet but then u need to waterproof ur floor and if u have carpet or ward wood to worry about, then u need worry about ur walls how much light u will lose, compared to a tent with Mylar. Or go to Walmart buy the Mylar camping blankets super cheap those could work. I went the route of tent very happy just needed a bigger one, but the way I feel I’m paying for the reflective quality, and having vents all around and it is a self contained environment. My tent stays around 78-84 no matter what the temp is outside of in the room it’s in. Also can control humidity with ease, I HAVE NO experience in a closet so I could definitely be wrong, hope this helps

Never did a closet, but I also can’t imagine doing that compared to my tent for many of the reasons above