4×4 platinum grow

I am a new member to the site and it has been about 1-2 years since my last grow. Almost feels like im starting over again because im use to starting with clones not seeds but here we go!

:black_small_square:︎So i will be using a 4×4 tent that is currently about a week out from arriving.

:black_small_square:︎CYCO nutrients that are left over from last run and are still good to use. I had very good success with them my last run.

:black_small_square:︎ Going with 3 Star Tribe (22-26% range) from Rythm And 1 GG#4 (20-24% range) from Rythm also. They are 2 of my favorite strains from them.

:black_small_square:︎Of course going with One of my favorite lights the platinum P600! These things have made a huge difference my last 2 runs i did before i stopped. I have 3 of them but i doubt i will need more then 1 for a 4×4 running 4 plants although i could be wrong.

:black_small_square:︎Exhale home grown Co2 bag

:black_small_square:︎ Fox farm happy Frog Soil.

Will be posting pictures in the next few days as i am getting everything setup and ready to go. Anyone think of anything im missing or needing let me know. I plan on getting a infinity 4" inline fan with digital controls within the next month or so. Couple fans for inside the tent until then, weather around here is starting to cool off so should be sufficient for now.

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Honestly, I’d spring another $30 and jump to the Infinity T6 instead. Unless you’re just using it as an intake fan. But if for exhaust, definitely the T6


Well little bit for air movement and little bit for exhaust which ever is gonna help keep the temp down more i think u can get 2 motors and hook them up to one control pannel and possibly do both but not sure about power usage with 2. I Ordered a Cool Grows 48×48 tent my start up budget is a little lower then id like but finishing up christmas shopping for kids and halloween costumes. Anyways long story short I couldnt wait any longer to start so went a little cheaper on tent. The reviews other then some door zipper seem to be good but i think it only has 4 inch holes thats why i thought id have to go with the 4 inch infinity. But ultimately i would either like to build an enclosure or order a higher grade more durable tent if this one doesnt turn out good.

Exhaust is best for removing heat. And with a powerful enough exhaust fan, it’ll passively pull in fresh air from outside the tent via an open port on the bottom of the tent. Pretty wild a 4x4 would only have 4” ports. And yes, the controller supports up to two fans.

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Looks like the P600 pulls 350w± at the wall. Each unit is good for about 7sq ft. of flowering. Your 4x4 is 16sq ft. So 2 isn’t quite enough, 3 will fill it out well.

Those lights are pretty pricey for what they give you. LED technology has come a long way in 2 years

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Thank you, Just did a little quick research the diagram on amazon shows 9" on the circular vents so must of been one of the other ones i was looking at they all kinda blended together after about a week of reading and reviews. This will be my first tent grow so dont know to much about it yet. I normally would use 1/4 to 1/2 of my extra bedroom with a portable ac but am forced to use 1/2 of our office space right now due to remodels. Infinity the brand to go with or are there better ones to get?

From what I understand most “cheap” tents have zipper and light leak issues.
I’ve got 3 tents. The ipower have terrible zipper movement and light leaks galore. The matrix has great zippers, but light leaks as well.

I only plan on running 4 plants so 1-2 should do it, i will only be running 350+ for 1/2 the time i found the veg switch alone ( is like 150-170w) until about the last 2 weeks of veg does better then both on to start with. Yea i bought them when they first came out but still better then ALOT of the cheaper ones out there and still rank in top 5 reviews every year, well the 450 and 300 do. Ive ran mars and a via and platinum still out preformed every time

Whats the name of some good current lights to look into. I seen the DIY lights you did and they look pretty cool for only about 400 watts i just dont have the time to build so i would probably order, After i do a run with my platinums.

Here’s a great thread here about diy lights.

Lots of info and ideas.

If you just want great lights and don’t want to build, all the r spec lights from horticulturelighting group . Com are hard to beat.


Drinkslinger I Might go with 2 135w qb v2 rspecs kits says each one will fill a 2x2 in flowering reccomended so 2 should do a 4x4 sorry to keep bothering just noticing from your message how out of loop on lights i am in 2 years i might order a 135 today for veg and get one a month or so later when they start to get bigger. You think 2 135s will do the trick or should i save an go with a 260 or 320? Which doesnt quite fill a 4×4 in flower

I have a GSC that is 60” tall and over 40” wide in a 4x4. My Viparspectra PAR600 Light didn’t cover her at all. So I upgraded to 2 HLG 260xl rspec and now she is covered in all areas with light. I had to trim her up so this would happen even with 2 qB’s.

Good luck with your new grow and welcome to the forum. :+1:

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Ac infinity 6” uses 43W on high. I have one, but I would not recommend 4” in a 4x4. You’ll want the larger one to exhaust heat. Be sure to match a quality carbon filter to correspond with airflow. Ac Infinity also makes carbon filters as well. There are several brands to choose from for quality, but don’t skimp. Pay attention to size and depth of the filter for the price. You get what you pay for with those.
Welcome to ILGM, you can use the @ Symbol in front of their name to get notified. @EastCoastP6
If you have any farther questions more than happy to help. Also something to know is that everyone is here to help support you, not just myself. We grow as a family here. Literally and figuratively.


You would need 4 of them to properly light the 4x4. They would work well in a 2x4 but you’d be better off with a qb260 if you went with a 2x4.


Exactly what I was going to post.

There are four 2’x2’s in a 4x4.


Dbrn32 and bobbydigital have you covered on that. Stupid maths :joy:

So at this point I can only advise this

Use what you have, (and 3 of those should be ample light for a 4’x4’).

Get one 260 r spec board and do half with your lighting and half new. Maybe you’ll be blown away

Or if you have money to burn, upgrade it all and get 2 260 r spec.

@dbrn32 is the lighting wizard around here. I only know what I know from what I read, and from the knowledge gathered by my small forays into newer lighting.


Stupid math is being nice specially cause i work with math all day everyday, wife hasnt let me live it down since reading lol been a long week. Ok i think what im gonna do is go with 2, 260s eventually. However I do believe i am going to order one now and one maybe a month or so from now so ill use 1/2 and 1/2 to start.

Would the 260 or 260 xls be better? seeing as theres only a 30 or so $ difference.

:black_small_square:@Covertgrower thats not bad usage at all for on high i probably will go with the 6" for the cost difference if it works that much better and for filter ill probably keep it infinity i seen some posts, pictures and reviews of theres and they look pretty well made.

@Bobbydigital @Drinkslinger @MrPeat Big thanks to all you guys dbrn32 and covert included along with any other future advice anyone gives me. Really like this site gives off more of a family vibe then forum. Wish i woud have found it years ago when i first started.


Nothing wrong with getting one now and another after you can squirrel some cash. In a 4x4 the 260 xl’s would be preferred.


Got the tent delivered about 15 mins before i had to goto work yesterday, assembled it real quick an ran out the door to go to work but not before snappin a quick pic.

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@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @MrPeat hey didnt wanna create another post just to ask this so i put it in here but i got my ifinity t6 for my tent coming tomorrow and i need to order some fans to place in the tent also was wondering if you guys had any suggestions? Was thinking about the vivo oscillating fan that clips to the tent pole but not sure what one to go with on the floor of the tent or if i should just get 2 pole fans. Also wondering what you guys use for “final homes” pots, bags? 5 gal 7? Thanks again

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