4x4 mars hydro grow

Hello im kush and this is my 2nd grow in a 4x4 mars hydro 2000w led Mango Glue x3 reg, red jack auto x1, super glue popcorn x1 reg. blue forest berry x1 fem and kush bag seed x1 fem


The last pics were wk 1-2 now were in wk 4-5

Let it rip. Standing by.

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Let’s see some updated pics…your off and running!! Good stuff

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All of them are in 5 gal pots except for 1 in a 3 gal some lst to a couple who were getting ahead of the rest. This is my baby red jack auto she turns red after 4 wks of flower


I see you did some topping very nice job they look awesome. Ill add one thing & i only speak from experience and had this happen twice. Be careful with how much you bend them if your not super cropping when tieing down a branch right at the split. They love to banana peel down the middle if your over zealous. LoL like I said you did a great job and I’m just passing on something to be careful of. Plant look awesome :+1:


never heard of Super Glue popcorn an Blueforest berry man hahaaahaa shit they come out with nowadayz… nice ladies tho :100: :100:

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No doubt :100::+1:t5:

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Spg is a reg seed from a dispo bud out in chi amd blue forest is from kind bud farms if i remember right

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If u want 2 see vid updates of this and other grows plz join my grow channel and like comment and share the vids. Im just trying 2 spread the knowledge i get daily and pass it on 2 others. Thanks 420 fam :seedling::seedling::100::+1:t5:

Soooooooo green. Looking great man. I am in dirt and want to try hydro one day.

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They grow so quick in dwc but its real easy to burn em up quick and its hard to come back from


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Ive had o e peel about 4 inches down the main on a zkittles auto. Did a top on her she been flowering for 5 weeks buds are getting heavy now and i didnt have them tied up yet. Woke up a few mornings ago and the bud weight pulled so much weight it split at the v. Its alive and kicking but it was freaky to see like wow she is gonna die but so far so good. Ill put up a pic when lights go on should be able to remove the bandage and get a pic to see how she healed.

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Im new watching what lol??

Oh wowzers yea i wanna see that

Watching your thread and grow :slight_smile:

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Appreciate that 420 fam

Starting a solo cup grow on my grow channel. strain:Island Punch